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Squirrel RemovalWildlife is an everyday part of our lives in Metro Atlanta. When in its natural habitat, it’s often a pleasure to enjoy. However, due to the expansion of the suburbs, increasing human population, and connectivity of forests and streams, our abundant wildlife frequently finds its way into our homes. If you reside in Alpharetta or Milton, Georgia, you may have encountered issues with squirrels or other rodents.

When this happens, the most seemingly harmless animals in appearance pose a serious threat to safety, health, and property value. Whether in a residential or commercial structure, should you suspect you have wildlife in your attic, basement, or crawlspace, do not attempt to resolve the matter yourself. Contact the licensed professionals at North Fulton Pest Solutions for our expert wildlife removal services.

Lifetime Renewable Guarantees on our full exclusions! We don't simply remove problem wildlife. We offer solutions to block their entry!




Quality Wildlife Control Atlanta

Racoon Removal ServiceOur wildlife removal specialists are licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and trained continuously in order to ensure all trapping, removal, and exclusion services are performed within the guidelines set forth by the Georgia DNR.  A member of our wildlife control division will provide a FREE comprehensive inspection and written report of your home or business. During our wildlife control inspection, we:

  1. Identify the offending target animal(s).
  2. Locate the areas where wildlife is gaining access into the structure.
  3. Assess any damages to the structure (i.e. chewed wiring, damaged duct work, and contaminated, flattened insulation).
  4. Customize solutions to resolve the current animal problem and prevent future problems.

The North Fulton Pest Solutions Guarantee

Our written guarantee is your assurance that we are confident in and stand behind the quality of our work. Our full wildlife exclusion services carry a written lifetime renewable guarantee.  When you choose North Fulton Pest Solutions to perform a full wildlife exclusion, not only is the initial animal issue addressed promptly and professionally, but also in a manner to prevent entry of the offending wildlife in the future.  Call for more details today!

Wildlife Exclusion Services – Atlanta Wildlife Solutions

Wildlife exclusion is a process whereby any gaps or openings that are a quarter inch or wider are sealed to prevent entry. Gaps such as these are most often found along the roofline where there’s an original construction gap, near utility penetrations, and where concrete, brick and/or stone joins siding material.  Our professional wildlife control experts seal these and other potential entry points with materials designed and manufactured to exacting specifications especially for North Fulton Pest Solutions.

Clean up is the final step in the process. Rodents such as squirrels and rats mark their territory with urine, feces, and body oils. These contaminants and their odors can persist for years, especially when absorbed into your insulation. Aside from the scent attraction, urine and feces from squirrels, rats, bats, raccoons, and opossums can be a serious health risk.  Ask about our disinfectant, sanitizer, and virucide treatment options as well our contaminated insulation removal and new insulation installation services.

Wild animals in your home or business may also cause infestations of fleas, ticks, mites, or other parasitic pests. For total protection from parasites, we offer complete pest control services in Atlanta.Take Your Home Back. Call Today for Wildlife Removal in Atlanta.

We Provide Atlanta Wildlife Services for the Following Animals:

    • Squirrels


      Squirrel ControlSquirrels are by far one of the most destructive rodents that can enter your home or business. They breed twice a year, and your attic makes a great place to raise their 2-5 offspring in the winter. Aside from making unbelievable noise in the morning hours and throughout the day, a grey squirrel’s gnawing fixation is insatiable due to the fact that their teeth never stop growing. Whether it’s wiring, duct work, or rafters, squirrels gnaw on something for up to 5 hours a day! Moreover, they have no regard for our safety when it comes to their bathroom habits. In the process of flattening and displacing your attic insulation, they quickly contaminate it with urine and feces. Squirrels also are notorious starters of electrical fires in homes; don’t be a statistic.

    • Flying Squirrels
    • Raccoons


      Raccoon ControlRaccoons are sometimes confused with a friendly, pet-like creature. Many of their mannerisms might remind us of a cat, but this animal should not be approached under any circumstances. Known carriers of rabies, these animals turn violent with little to no warning, especially if a mother has young nearby. Once they’ve gained access into your home or office space, they are very destructive. With their dexterous “hands” they can grab, pull, and tear things quite easily. Even after just a small amount of time inside an attic or crawl space, the area quickly resembles an unchanged litter box. Their droppings contain various fungal spores and harmful bacteria that are hazardous to your health. They destroy insulation, ducts, and wiring. Do not approach this animal.

    • Chipmunks
    • Opossums
    • Mice


Opossum ControlOpossums do play dead; though they often break character without warning. These creatures infest attics and crawlspaces to rear young. In the process, they turn their surroundings into a filthy collection of feces and urine posing serious health risks to you and your family. Furthermore, they destroy insulation, duct work, and wiring causing costly property damage. Don’t be fooled, they will protect themselves if threatened.

    • Bats


      Bat ControlFantastic mosquito hunters and a benefit to have patrolling your property, bats are rightfully protected by State and Federal agencies. Inside your home or business however, they are a serious health and safety risk. Bats can carry rabies, and their guano (fecal matter) has serious adverse effects on human health. Guano and bat urine creates a foul odor and is loaded with fungal spores that cause histoplasmosis. These creatures cause thousands of dollars in structural damage and hospitalize numerous people across the US every year. Proper safety measures must be taken when addressing bat issues. A North Fulton Pest Solutions wildlife specialist is ready is help.

    • Beavers
    • Rats


      rat controlWhether it’s roof rats or Norway rats, these disease spreaders are a persistent problem. Nocturnal in nature, they infest attics, crawlspaces, basements, and even our living spaces. Rats are constant breeders rearing 3-4 litters of 4-8 offspring per year. Once inside a structure they contaminate any surface they contact. They mark their “trails” with droplets of urine and body oils everywhere they go. Furthermore, they have no regard for where fecal matter falls. Rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter and have an insatiable gnawing fixation. This gnawing fixation can cause serious electrical problems and even disastrous fires. Don’t take this intelligent, elusive, and destructive animal lightly.

    • Pigeons
    • Moles
    • Snakes

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attic animal damage attic damage

These pictures reveal just a fraction of typical damages caused by animals once inside your attic. Wiring is an easy, and even tasty, target for squirrels and rats to chew upon. The threat of an electrical fire increases with every day that an active wildlife population resides in your home or business. Urine and fecal contamination is a serious health risk. Your insulation acts like a sponge absorbing as much urine and feces as it can. Eventually the insulation reaches its threshold, and the droppings and waste products contaminate the other materials and areas beyond the insulation. These contaminants become easily airborne and are readily circulated throughout your home, especially when your HVAC unit is in the attic. Ectoparasites are another serious threat associated with unwanted wildlife in your attic. These pests include fleas, ticks, mites, bedbugs, and many others attracted to and by the presence of animals. We can resolve these serious issues and return your home or office back to a healthy living or working environment.


crawlspace animal damage crawlspace damage

When rats, raccoons, and/or opossums enter your crawlspace, the damage captured in these pictures is just the beginning. Nuisance animals leave urine and feces everywhere, which can become airborne and circulated throughout your home or business. They often tear holes into ductwork for heat or air and sometimes wander throughout your duct system. The damage can be severe and the risks to health and safety immeasurable.


Roofline Construction Gap

exclusion seal animal entry point

Exclusion is a common term used in our industry to describe the process of sealing all entry or potential entry points of squirrels, rats, bats, raccoons, opossums and many other forms of wildlife. Above are a couple of photos of the most common problem areas with Georgia homes. This is an original construction or “builder’s” gap which can be found by lifting the shingles at the edge of your roofline. This gap varies from home to home, but it is typically wide enough for smaller rodents to gain access to your attic with little or no effort. Knowing how to seal this entry point properly is crucial to successfully keeping wildlife out of your home or business. Below are a couple of photos where roofers and gutter crews unsuccessfully attempted to seal this roofline construction gap.

Work Done by a Roofer

Word Done by a Roofer

Work Done by a Gutter Company

Work Done by a Gutter Company

Our roofline exclusion material cannot be found at your local hardware store; it is manufactured for North Fulton Pest Solutions to our precise specifications.

There are many other points of entry on your home that may need to be addressed in addition to the roofline construction gap.. Leave it to the experts to design a plan for you and your property. Attention to detail, training, and vast experience in solving wildlife problems are the only ways to ensure your home is protected.

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