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Wildlife Control

How Wildlife Exclusion Services Stop Rats and Squirrels from Entering Your Home

wildlife exclusion servicesWildlife exclusion services are among the most valuable tasks performed by pest management professionals. Why continue to treat symptoms when you could get to the root of a problem? While trapping programs designed to remove rodents from one’s home are a great start, the real value is in exclusion service. The wildlife exclusion service involves sealing all potential entry points of the targeted pest to prevent their entry in the first place!

Consider the best wildlife exclusion services for the following areas in your home:

Gaps between two different areas of building or cladding material

Squirrels, rats and other vermin are among the most obnoxious pests because the determination they display in entering your home. They’re sure to take advantage of any vulnerabilities in the construction of your house. Small rodents can enter holes the size of a quarter; so, it’s important to thoroughly inspect your house’s exterior and block every possible entrance you can find. Typical hot spots include where concrete, brick, or stone joins siding or other exterior cladding materials.

Utility penetrations and vent openings

Areas where utilities like plumbing pipes, cable lines, power lines, water lines, and the like pass through your foundation, sub-floor, or roof are just a few favorite entry points of rodents and other wildlife. Other common entry points include gable vents, dryer vents, and others vents around your home. A wildlife exclusion expert has the knowledge, experience, and materials including but not limited to metal, hardware cloth, specialty caulks, silicones, and metal and/or copper mesh to properly prevent animals from gaining entry into your home through these commonly susceptible areas.

Roof line, roof returns, and soffits

Rodents often find vulnerable areas and create holes big enough for entry by chewing away wood along your home’s roofline, roof returns, and soffits. Your home’s gutters often allow for easy access to these areas. In fact, most homes have a wide open gap between the roof decking and the fascia board that allows uninhibited access into your attic by rodents and other wildlife. This area is commonly referred to as the builder’s gap or construction gap. During this exclusion process this gap is sealed with metal to prevent future re-entry by the targeted wildlife. High-quality gutter guards, like the patented LeafProof® system, also help prevent rodents and other pests from entering your gutters, thus barring access to the construction gap and better protecting your home against wildlife invasion.

Any holes through which animals may gain entry to the structure

Wildlife exclusion measures work well either before or after you’ve had an infestation. Even if you already have pests in your home, you can start instituting these methods. One-way “traps” or excluder cages (think one-way door) allow the pests inside your attic to leave, but they prevent them from coming back in. We have a variety of these devices available, and most importantly, the knowledge of how to best use them. For instance, squirrels with young may need several days to clear out of an attic. Once all wildlife has left, you can remove the one-way excluder cage and patch the existing hole.

North Fulton Pest Solutions employees Georgia Department of Natural Resources licensed trappers. When possible and when effective, trappers exclude pests or simply prevent access to the structure; however, that isn’t the most appropriate solution for every situation depending on the targeted pest and the regulations set forth by the Georgia Department of Resources. As temperatures drop, animals will want into your warm home. It’s best to order wildlife exclusion services now before there’s a problem.

Wildlife exclusion services are the best move you can make to keep pests out of your home this winter. Avoid the worry, damage, and potential injury that come from animals infiltrating your property. Contact us today at 770-475-7419 to receive a free estimate for wildlife exclusion services.