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All About Pest Control in Atlanta

pest control in atlantaWe are a full-service pest control company that serves the greater metro Atlanta area.

We provide reliable and effective residential pest and mosquito control services for your home as well as commercial pest control and mosquito control services for your place of business. We also offer services to make your home or business more energy efficient and less hospitable for insects, rodents, and larger nuisance animals.

We provide the best pest control Atlanta has to offer and world-class pest control services that make your home or business more comfortable and pleasant, both inside and out.

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Commercial Pest Control Atlanta

North Fulton Pest Solutions proudly serves commercial and industrial facilities throughout Atlanta to remove and prevent pests from getting into your business in the first place. We provide commercial pest control for warehouses, office parks, retail stores, clubs, gyms, municipal facilities, HOAs, pools, plants, condos and townhomes, churches and synagogues.

The wrong pest invasion could be detrimental to your business, so be sure to hire a pest control company capable of servicing a larger building/property. North Fulton Pest Solutions has offered commercial pest control services since 1970. Call us today for a FREE Estimate.

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The North Fulton Pest Solutions Difference:

  • No Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee: All of our annual service programs come with our written Money-Back Guarantee. No other Atlanta pest control company will come close to our commitment of excellence.
  • We Create Pest-Free Living Environments: With our Total Protection Pest Management Program, we not only eliminate your pests; we vacuum them and take them with us. It’s all part of our insect vacuum and web removal service.
  • On-Staff Entomologist & State Licensed Structural Pest Control Certified Operator in Household Pest Control, Wood Destroying Organisms, and Commercial Mosquito Control. These in-house experts are assigned to every account. No other Georgia exterminators can offer you our level of expertise!
  • Full-Service Termite Treatments, Pest Control, Wildlife Removal and More: We provide a complete line of termite control, pest control, and wildlife removal services, plus attic insulation with built-in pest resistance, gutter protection systems, mosquito control and more.
  • A Trusted Name for Over 40 Years: We are locally-owned and operated. Family and home are our most prized possessions, and we know that you feel the same way. That’s why all of our technicians go through extensive criminal background investigations. We are proud to be a drug-free workplace.
  • Value You Can Count On: We deliver the most pest control value for your hard-earned dollars.


All About Termite Control in Atlanta

Termite Control in AtlantaTermites are a major problem in the southern United States. North Fulton Pest Solutions will help you protect your most important asset by keeping termites at bay. Our Atlanta termite control experts develop termite treatment plans specific to your needs, whether that includes inspections, termite pre-treatments, liquid treatments, baiting systems, or termite clearance letters.

Did you know that termites cause five times more damage than fires? Termites cost homeowners in the United States an estimated $5 billion in property damage every year. Termites can enter your home through an opening as small as 1/32 of an inch, making even the smallest of cracks in your foundation potential entry points to termite infestation. In Atlanta, termites can go undetected for years,and several species of termite can be found in the Atlanta, Georgia terrain. Each termite has a specific role within the caste system, and they depend on each other for survival. To effectively control and eliminate termite colonies in or around your home, we recommend the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active™ Technology or a traditional liquid treatment featuring Termidor Termidor®.

Residents of Atlanta are most likely to endure the wrath the subterranean termite, but regardless of the type of termite infesting your home or company, the damage is typically expensive and rarely covered by homeowner insurance. To help reduce the risk of termite infestation and the resulting termite damage, we highly recommend preventative termite treatments with regular annual renewal inspections.  

Here at North Fulton Pest Solutions, we understand the urgency and priority of obtaining quality termite protection. Whether you need an Atlanta termite “bond” or clearance letter, or are looking for preventative termite treatment for your home, you can be assured of our swift response. We provide complete Atlanta termite control solutions by means of structural foundation liquid residual treatments and baiting systems.

Don’t let termites ruin your home – call today to schedule your free estimate.

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All About Wildlife Control in Atlanta

Atlanta Wildlife RemovalDon’t let nuisance wildlife pose a threat to you, your family, or your property. Call us for fast action to remove any problem animals from your home or business. We also offer wildlife exclusion services to prevent animals from entering your home or business in the future.

Atlanta has some amusing nicknames, but “Ratlanta” is not one of them! Rats and other rodents are quite common in both the suburbs and urban areas of Atlanta. Encountering a rodent in your home or attic is not typically pleasant. Rodents have a way of quickly learning safe routes for traveling through compounds to avoid predators, and adult rats are often too large to be handled by cats.  

Trapping a rodent is not a simple process, and we recommend contacting one of our experts if you see rodents in your home or commercial property. A member of our wildlife control division will provide a free comprehensive estimate and a written report of your property. During our wildlife and rodent control inspection, we identify the target animal and the area where it is gaining access to your structure. From there, our expert will design a custom solution to not only resolve the existing rodent problem, but to also help prevent future issues.

Be sure to take immediate action once you see a rodent or critter in your home and call us today!

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All About Mosquito Control in Atlanta

Atlanta Mosquito ControlUnfortunately, Atlanta remains the mosquito capital of the United States. There are few bugs that are more of a nuisance than the mosquito. Mosquitoes have the ability to make a beautiful evening in Atlanta unbearable. Mosquitoes can spread germs and diseases not only to your friends and family, but to your pets as well. Mosquitoes are attracted to the CO2 that we exhale, body heat, and the lactic acid that humans secrete. Does it feel like mosquitoes are particularly attracted to you? Studies suggest that humans with type O blood are twice as likely to get bitten by mosquitoes as people with type A blood.

At North Fulton Pest Solutions, we offer mosquito control services in Atlanta during the months that mosquitos prosper and annoy you the most. We use a targeted adulticide application (a treatment designed to reduce the active biting adult population) paired with a synergist (a product that reduces the insect’s naturals defenses against the adulticide), and an insect growth regulator or IGR (a product that helps interrupt the insect reproduction cycle) as well as a strategic larvicide application (a treatment that prevents immature mosquito larva from ever developing into biting adults!)

Whether you’re concerned about a corporate event site being too buggy, or you just simply want a backyard you can enjoy again, give us a call for a FREE estimate today!

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All About Home Insulation in Atlanta

Atlanta Home InsulationDid you know that the #1 energy saving solution for a home is additional insulation? The energy efficiency of a well-insulated home vs. a poorly insulated home can make a massive difference in your energy costs. Our home insulation services can literally pay for themselves. At North Fulton Pest Solutions, our insulation updates will immediately reduce your monthly energy costs. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.

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All About Gutter Protection in Atlanta

gutter protection in AtlantaThe gutter is often the gateway or point of entry for pests into your home in Atlanta. North Fulton Pest Solutions offers a gutter protection system called The LeafProof Gutter Protection System. This system will help keep debris out of your gutters and prevents leaf buildups that become home to insects. It also prevents animals and birds from nesting in gutters. Put the ladder away and call North Fulton Pest Solutions today!

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All About Moisture Control in Atlanta

Moisture Control in AtlantaA less moist environment feels better, and it prevents pests from wanting to come into your property. At North Fulton Pest Solutions, we’re proud to say we provide a total moisture control solution. Our system includes venting devices that open and close depending on the temperature, to protect against moisture. Each vent also includes a wire mesh faceplate to block critters from entering your home or business.

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Green Pest Control

We are pleased to be able to offer Atlanta pest control services that are based in green technology. Environmentally responsible pest control means that you can have effective pest control services while reducing the risk to your family, your pets, and the environment. Ask about our green pest control services today!


When choosing a pest control company in Atlanta, it’s all about trust!

At North Fulton Pest Solutions, we strive, first and foremost, to gain and keep your trust. We want to build a lifelong relationship with you. We don’t want you to ever have to worry about pest control again.

North Fulton Pest Solutions was formed in 1970 with the primary goal of meeting our customer’s needs; the first time and every time. First, we pride ourselves on our customer care and top-shelf services, all at an affordable price. Also, our team is always respectful and ready to answer any questions you may have. We are here for you before, during, or after each service.


Our Guarantee

North Fulton Pest Solutions will do whatever it takes to efficiently solve your pest issue at home. Protecting your home from annoying and dangerous pests such as ants, spiders, roaches, and over 100 other pests native to our Atlanta communities. Let us inspect, treat and prevent your home inside and out year-round.


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