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Insider Secrets for Getting Rid of Raccoons

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getting rid of raccoons atlantaThe idea of getting rid of raccoons causes emotional discomfort for many people. After all, raccoons are so cute! Between their little bandit masks, and their nimble little hands, and their cuddly little bellies, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, raccoons can be incredibly destructive.

Outside they can decimate vegetable gardens. In your attic, they wreck wiring, insulation, air ducts, wallpaper, and wood – just about anything they can chew is fair game. Their urine and feces can generate a tremendous odor, and they can bring parasites and diseases into your home. With these facts in mind, here are some insider secrets for getting rid of raccoons:

1. The first step in raccoon control is to understand that they only enter your home in order to find a warm, safe place to build a nest.

Your attic or crawl space probably makes a great raccoon shelter. But it’s also important to understand the level of destruction raccoons are capable of. Raccoons are cute, wire-chewing, insulation-shredding little critters. To protect your home and keep your family healthy and safe, the raccoons simply have to go.

2. Live traps are the preferred method of getting rid of raccoons.

These devices safely confine the raccoons, one at a time, allowing the pest control technician to easily remove them from your property. There are some motion-activated products on the market that spray water or pepper spray, but these devices don’t discriminate between raccoons and, say, a bird coming to rest on your roof. We always recommend that you consult with and heed the advice of a licensed trapper like the wildlife control professionals employed by North Fulton Pest Solutions. Many folks don’t realize that it’s actually illegal to trap certain species of wildlife without the proper credentials and training. When dealing with wild animals like raccoons, it’s always best to seek professional wildlife control.

3. Once all of the raccoons are out of the house, including any babies, the exclusion process should begin right away.

Preventing more raccoons from accessing your attic or crawl space is important. All possible entry points must be carefully closed off using appropriate materials. Raccoons are big and strong, so stuffing a hole with paper towels simply won’t do. This is why a professional company should be called in to do the job right. They should also finish the job off by cleaning up any messes left behind by the evicted raccoons and identifying any repairs that need to be performed.

Atlanta-area families have trusted North Fulton Pest Solutions for their raccoon control needs for over 40 years. With that much experience in the pest control field, we are confident that we have the tools, knowledge, and training necessary to get rid of raccoons. No matter how big or small your raccoon problem is, you can rely on us for fast and effective service. Click here to learn more about how North Fulton Pest Solutions can help with getting rid of raccoons in your house.