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Four Secret Techniques for Scorpion Pest Control

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Scorpion Pest Control in GeorgiaPest control technicians see a lot of creepy critters in the homes they visit, but few pests make your skin crawl quite like a scorpion. Maybe it’s because they look like the love child of a lobster and a spider. Maybe it’s the anticipation of their painful sting. Whatever causes their high creep factor, scorpion pest control is in demand because people want them out of their house immediately.

Here in Georgia, we have two native scorpion species: the Striped Scorpion – which has stripes on its back, as you can imagine – and the Devil Scorpion, which is a uniform dark brown color. A third species, the Florida Bark Scorpion, is slowly making its way into southern Georgia. This species is almost black, and is much larger than the other two species.

Now that you have an idea of the species of scorpion you have spotted in your home, here are secret scorpion pest control techniques for you to keep in mind.

  1. Scorpions are nocturnal and tend to hide in cool burrows or under rocks during the day. They also glow under UV light. This makes them easiest to find after sundown, with a hand-held UV light. This technique works indoors and outdoors alike. Don’t forget to take a hammer with you to handle the task awaiting you.
  2. Scorpions only eat liquids. They pull small pieces off of their prey, consume the “juice,” and discard the solid bits. Some species of scorpions can live for up to 12 months without a meal, but they need a constant water source to survive. Therefore, eliminating scorpion food sources (like crickets) in your home will likely have a minimal impact on your scorpion population. Getting rid of their water supply is a better tactic.
  3. Some sources say that scorpions are territorial and you will likely only have one at a time in your home. Others swear that scorpions move in pairs. Still others will tell you that once you have had scorpions in your home, more will follow. Or maybe it depends on the species…. Whatever you want to believe, it’s probably a safe bet that once you’ve seen one, you will see more, especially if you don’t call in a professional scorpion pest control company.
  4. You may have also heard that cats provide excellent scorpion pest control. This may be true, depending on the cat. Their inquisitive nature and fast reflexes can make them good at hunting scorpions, but because of their small size, they are vulnerable to scorpion venom.

North Fulton Pest Solutions knows that getting the scorpions out of your house is serious business. Our scorpion pest control professionals will take charge and clear your home of these creepy pests as quickly as possible.

Learn more about our pest control services, and make an appointment today. No more scorpions for you!