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Help! What Do I Need to Know about Black Widow Spider Control?

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Black widow spider control is never more important than after you’ve been bitten, but there’s no reason to let the chance for a bite arise. These spiders are more common in Georgia and throughout the US than many people realize. Unfortunately, because they make their webs in dark, out of the way places, it’s easier to accidentally run into them and trigger their defensive reflexes. They’re more likely to bite precisely because they’re harder to find, a situation that makes bite prevention frustrating, to say the least.

Here’s how to make sure they don’t become a threat in your home:

Check their favorite places.

Black widows like to make their sprawling, cylindrical webs low to the ground in wooden structures, near wood piles and stumps, and in cardboard boxes. They frequently inhabit the area underneath porches or in wooden sheds, but they come indoors from time to time, and when they do, you can be sure they’ll hide. Storage areas, spaces underneath stairs, attic corners and other dry, dark places are perfect for the black widow.

Know when to look.

After dark, the black widow often moves to the center of her web, though she’s never far away. Using a flashlight, you can hunt around the little used areas in your home for signs of the spider, whose small, shiny, bulbous black body sports a red hourglass.

A bite is painful, but it’s really the after-effects that pose problems. Deep muscle pains, nausea and light-headedness are the initial signs of a problem. They should be followed up immediately with a trip to the emergency room. However, by taking proper measures before a bite happens, you should be able to ensure you’re never in that situation.

Identify and remedy likely web spots.

Get rid of old boxes and clothing. Clear out ignored corners and areas along baseboards with a vacuum. Use a heavy duty fly swatter and reinforced gloves when cleaning these areas out. It’s relatively easy to kill a black widow, but it’s a job that makes many homeowners uncomfortable. Pest control pros can take care of these quickly, and they should be brought in whenever more than a few black widows are found in your home.

Treat wood and rock piles, the underneath of porches, and other harborage areas as necessary.

Black widows do not like to be disturbed; so, if you prevent them from feeling comfortable, they won’t stick around your property for long. You can use a power washer for maximum effectiveness; it would likely kill any black widow its water streams come into contact with.

If you need help with black widow spider control, call 770-475-7419 to contact North Fulton Pest Solutions today. Let us work with you to ensure your yard and home are free of dangerous pests like these.