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Bed Bugs

Night Night, Don’t Let ‘Em Bite! The Truth About Pest Control and Bed Bugs

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As bed bug infestations have seemingly exploded around the country, the demand for pest control for bed bugs has also grown. The good news about bed bugs is that they do not carry diseases. The bad news is that their bites leave behind itchy, red welts, and they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Here are some more facts about pest control for bed bugs.

  • There are a million ways that bed bugs can enter your home. Their most common vehicles are luggage, used beds and furniture, and your clothing! You can pick up bed bugs from a movie theater seat and bring them home with you.
  • Like fleas, bed bugs survive by drinking blood.
  • Unlike fleas, bed bugs prefer human hosts rather than animals. Also, because they tend to attack people as they sleep, they can leave bites anywhere on your body. Fleas are more likely to bite your feet and ankles.
  • A messy home is no more or less likely to have bed bugs than an immaculate home. Housekeeping habits have virtually nothing to do with a home becoming infested with bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal, which explains why they are so successful at feeding from human hosts while they sleep.
  • The only way to confirm that a bite is from a bed bug is to locate the bugs. Bed bugs resemble small, flattened apple seeds and are most often found hiding in the crevices of mattress and box springs. They leave rust-colored excrement stains on mattresses, sheets, and walls.
  • Bed bugs can live for an entire year without eating. Therefore, if you place your mattress inside a zippered cover, that cover must be left on for at least a year to ensure that the bed bugs trapped inside are dead.
  • Bed bugs can live on objects around the bed as well – even inside electrical outlets. Cleaning up clutter around the bed and vacuuming the area frequently can help control bed bug populations.

In order to be effective, pest control for bed bugs has to be a partnership between you and your pest control company. After the company administers applications to eradicate bed bugs, it will be up to you to follow their guidance on avoiding recurrences. A reputable pest control company should also offer follow-up appointments and additional treatments if they are necessary.

North Fulton Pest Control has decades of experience in handling pest control for bed bugs, and we would appreciate the opportunity to increase the comfort level in your home by eradicating your bed bugs.

You can learn more about our pest control for bed bugs and other unwanted pests right here.