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Rodent Control in Atlanta, GA

Rodent and squirrel removal is a common need in metro Atlanta. This is especially true in the fall and winter months when squirrels seek refuge in attics, garages, and buildings. We can quickly and safely remove squirrels or other rodents from attics, homes, or business offices.

Take Squirrel Problems Seriously!

Rat Removal AtlantaSquirrels can cause extensive damage to your home and property. Here are just some of the things that these rodents are known to do:

  • Chew electrical wiring, which creates a fire hazard.
  • Damage and contaminate insulation.
  • Bring fleas, ticks, and mites into your house.
  • Create rancid odors and stains from urine and fecal matter.
  • Carry distemper and Lyme disease.
  • Attack if they feel cornered.

Humane Squirrel Removal

Rat Removal AtlantaWhen we trap squirrels, our first line of defense is to use humane live traps to avoid harming the animal. Most often, we use non-toxic bait attractants, set the trap in a good location, and typically have the squirrel captured within 48 hours.

Signs of Squirrels in Your Attic

We specify attics because this is where 95% of all squirrels seek refuge in a home or office. Common signs of a squirrel or pest infestation in your home or attic include:

  • Contaminated, damaged, flattened, or displaced insulation in your attic.
  • Droppings in attic, or unexplained stains on your ceilings.
  • Gnawed or chewed wiring (has your cable, phone, or security system recently failed?).
  • Noises overhead such as scampering, running, or banging.

Rats, Mice & Other Rodent Dangers to Atlanta Residents

Rat Removal Atlanta

While squirrels typical invade your attic, rats can be found in your attic, basement, crawl space, garage, and even your living space. Both of these rodents present the possibility of catastrophic consequences.

Due to their gnawing fixation, they have the tendency to chew electrical wires which presents a serious fire hazard. In just a few short minutes a mouse, rat, or other rodent can damage wiring to the point that it may cost countless dollars to have an electrician replace it.

Squirrel Exclusion & Rodent Removal Services

Rat Removal Atlanta

Our trained professionals, licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, will examine your property to locate the areas where squirrels, rats, or chipmunks are entering your home or office.

Not only can we trap squirrels, rats, and other rodents; we can also provide exclusion services to permanently block their return… guaranteed!

Ask about our gutter protection systems. When installed by our wildlife control professionals, they help protect your home from future wildlife entry. Full wildlife exclusions carry a lifetime renewable guarantee providing peace of mind with regard to the numerous risks associated with wildlife intrusion and infestations.

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