The 3 Best Reasons for Wildlife Control Solutions When You Seem to Have Permanent Squatters

wildlife control solutionsWhen you have a wildlife control situation on your hands, it can be tempting to seek solutions on your own. After all, what harm can a little bat do? A single squirrel isn’t going to destroy your whole attic…right? And we all want to save money anywhere we can. But you might be shocked to know the truth about getting wildlife out of your house.

Here are the three best reasons for wildlife control solutions when you seem to have permanent squatters: Click here to read more »

The 5 Best Reasons to Consider Professional Wildlife Control Before the Holiday Guests Arrive

professional wildlife controlPreparing for a busy holiday season is a lot of work – is scheduling professional wildlife control on your to-do list? If you think there might be unwanted guests hiding in your attic, crawl space, chimney, or anywhere else on your property, it’s important to schedule their removal before your invited guests begin to arrive.

You might be thinking, what’s the big deal if there are critters in the attic? They don’t come into the rest of the house. Why not kick them out after the holidays? You’re already so busy planning events and shopping for gifts, so it’s understandable that you might want to put off everything you can. Click here to read more »

What’s Worse than a Bat in the Belfry? A Raccoon in the Attic! Here’s Some Info You Need Now

raccoon in the atticAny type of pest problem is likely to give the average person the creeps, but a raccoon in the attic is adequate cause for a panic attack. They may look cute and cuddly, and you may never actually lay eyes on them inside your home, but a raccoon inside your home is really bad news. Keep reading to learn what you need to know right now if you have a raccoon in the attic.

First of all, raccoons are clever and tenacious. They can get inside your home through pretty small openings. And if they find an opening that’s just a little too small, they can make that hole bigger in order to squeeze through. They might tear shingles off your roof or chew away at the wood in order to access your home. In short, if they want in, and they think they can get in, they will find a way to make it happen. Click here to read more »

Curious about the Process? The Basics of Wildlife Control Services from the Experts

wildlife control servicesWildlife control services are in high demand during the winter months. It’s common for all kinds of mammals to search for warm and safe shelters to wait out the cold weather. Unfortunately, attics, crawl spaces, garages, and sheds make great nesting places for critters of all kinds. Beginning in the fall and continuing through the winter, the North Fulton Pest Solutions customer service team always sees an uptick in the number of wildlife control calls we get.

If you are curious about the wildlife control process, keep reading to learn about the expert services we offer. Click here to read more »

On a Budget? What You Need to Know about Affordable Termite Control

affordable termite controlAffordable termite control might be right under your nose.  So, call a professional pest and termite control company if you are worrying about termites. Many homeowners wind up investing more in ineffective products purchased off the store shelf than they would in hiring experts for services that are well worth the money.

Here are just a few reasons budget shoppers should go with the pros for affordable termite control:
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