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What to Do if You See Ants in Your Home?

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infestation of ants

Ants are a huge pest, and they can be a real nuisance if found in your home. Once there is a large infestation of ants, it can become difficult to control.

Luckily, there are easy ways to stop an ant infestation as soon as it starts.

There are a few different steps that you can take to understand ants, and how to get rid of them, but the most important step to take is fast action. In the South, ant control can be difficult, and this is why ant control in Atlanta is really important.

Here are the most important things to consider when you see ants in your home and what you should do when these pesky pests make their debut:

Understand How an Ant Colony Works

The root of an ant problem starts with the ant colony. This means that in order to get rid of the ants in your kitchen that are driving you crazy, you have to go straight to the source.

In this case, it means locating the ant colony and killing the queen. The queen of an ant colony never leaves the nest, and since she is the one that lays all of the eggs, she’s the main target when trying to eradicate the infestation.

Just spraying the ants that you see in your home is not the way to stop the problem forever; it’s just a way to stop the problem temporarily, which is not what you want.

If possible, you will want to follow the trail of ants out of your home and back to the ant hill, where you can locate the queen and exterminate it. This will get rid of the ant problem for good instead of just being a temporary fix. But sometimes this isn’t always possible.

get rid of the ants

Don’t Kill the Ants in Your Kitchen

This may sound counterintuitive, but you don’t want to kill the ants that you are seeing in your kitchen! They will lead the way to the colony that you are trying to find and exterminate. Ant pest control is tricky because if you kill the worker ants, then you won’t be able to find their source, and that means that the ants will just keep coming.

Instead, follow them back to the colony before you kill the ones in your kitchen. This will guarantee that you have found the source of the problem instead of just eliminating a small part of the problem itself.

Make Strategic Ant Bait Applications

Make strategic ant bait applications for the ants in your home. Any type of sugary food will do the trick and draw the ants into your home. Make sure that the item that you set out is specific and big enough to be able to see an ant when it is carrying the bait. This way you can follow your bait all the way back to the colony that the ant came from.

ant bait

Keep Your Home Clean

Kitchens and bathrooms are huge magnets for pests (like ants) that love to eat the food crumbs and drink the water that is left out. The best way to get rid of ants in your home is to fight them off before they even appear.

Keeping your surfaces clean and your food tightly sealed will make your home less attractive to ants. This means you’re less likely to need serious ant pest control methods as their presence will likely be minimal comparatively.

Since we’re in the South and the climate in Georgia is warmer, ants have a predisposition to love this area. This means that the minute you see them show up in your home, it is important to begin keeping your surface areas clean and everything locked up to deter them from the space.

Save Yourself Time & Energy— Call an Exterminator

If you are at your wit’s end with the ant problem in your life, then it’s probably time to call a trusted exterminator. Ants are a common problem, and exterminators have the expert experience at locating the source of the problem and getting rid of ants in your home.

North Fulton Pest Solutions offers answers for Atlanta’s pest control problems. We are an environmentally responsible service provider that has a proven track record of dealing with a plethora of pests, including ants.

Don’t waste any more time trying to solve this problem on your own. Contact us for a free estimate, and let’s get one step closer to getting rid of your pests.