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How Long Will Spider Pest Control Services Keep the Spiders Out?

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spider pest control servicesSpiders and humans don’t typically mix well. With spiders consistently making phobia top 10 lists in both the United States and the world, it is no surprise that people get a little nervous when they discover them in their home. This leads them to seek out spider pest control services.

Not all spiders are dangerous, though. In fact, most of them are not venomous and are even beneficial. Spiders keep other household pest populations down and can actually have a pretty significant impact on infestations. These benefits do not make them any more endearing or cuddly, though. Many people still have a very strong aversion to them and want them out of the house.

Is it Bad to have Spiders in your House?

Having spiders in your home may not be an optimal situation, but it isn’t necessarily bad – at least not in the way you might think. If you see spiders in your home, especially if there are several, that often indicates you have a larger pest problem. Spiders are going to go to a place where there is a good food source, in other words, insects. If you see spiders in your home, it could mean that you have a pest problem that has nothing to do with spiders. The spiders are just the symptom. Get rid of the food source, and the spiders will eventually move on to a place where they won’t starve.

How Long do Spider Pest Control Services Last?

Spider pest control services are a little different from other types of pest control. Applying product to a surface has little effect because their legs keep their bodies from touching most surfaces. At best, the residue will only get on their feet. The circulatory system of spiders does not allow blood flow through the legs and into the organs; so, it doesn’t do much. They need to be targeted directly with the application; although, some technicians will also use glue boards. This serves several purposes. It catches spiders as well as other insects in the house, but it also is a good indicator of where the spiders are.

Again, though, when the insect population is eliminated and there is not food source for the spiders, they will move on. Your best bet for long lasting spider control is to get rid of the other household pests and keep them away. That is how you keep spiders out of your house.

If spiders have moved into your home and you want to evict them fast, give us a call. At North Fulton Pest Solutions, our spider pest control services are thorough and target the underlying cause of the spider population. Schedule an appointment today for a technician to visit your property, identify the what species you have, and help you not just get rid of spiders, but keep them out.