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Danger! Why You Need Pest Control for Spiders Now

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pest control for spiders atlantaBelieve it or not, pest control for spiders is not always a necessity. The spiders generally found in the typical American home are harmless to humans and their pets. However, your average American homeowner is also not an expert when it comes to identifying spider species or knowing whether any given spider poses a threat to people. The best course of action to assess your need for pest control for spiders is to call in a professional.

On the other hand, a lot of people are simply creeped out by spiders, whether they are venomous or not. In fact, spider phobias outnumber all other animal fears. If someone in your home flies into a tizzy at the sight of a daddy longlegs, then it is completely understandable that you may want to get rid of your home’s tiny eight-legged intruders. There are a few things you can do yourself to reduce the spider population in your home.

  • Vacuuming up spiders, webs, and egg sacs is a good start toward getting spiders out of your home. Remember to check ceiling corners and behind furniture for webs.
  • A smart way to deter many species of spiders from coming inside is to eliminate extra dampness throughout your home. Wet areas can attract a variety of pests into your house, including spiders. Check under sinks, in crawl spaces, in the attic, and down in the basement for excess moisture. Fix any leaks or drips you find, and try using a dehumidifier if necessary to dry those areas up.
  • Sealing cracks around your home can help keep moisture from seeping inside, and also serves as a roadblock at possible entry points for spiders and other pests.

Some homes are just more susceptible to spider infestation than others. This largely depends on your regional climate and geographical location; unfortunately, not much can be done about these factors. Here in the Atlanta area, we occasionally find black widows and brown recluse spiders in homes, in addition to many species of harmless spiders. If you suspect that these venomous species are living in or around your home, the best course of action is always to call a pest control professional.

North Fulton Pest Solutions has decades of experience in pest control for spiders. Our highly trained, seasoned pest management professionals know where to find spiders in your home, and will use the most responsible methods of elimination possible.

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