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Wildlife Control

Squirrel Pest Control Isn’t as Bad as You Think. Here’s Why.

squirrel pest controlSquirrels are extremely common, but as neighborhoods spread and take away squirrel habitats, the creatures are increasingly present inside buildings. We most frequently find squirrels inside attics. Attics are easy to access and offer plenty of room and nesting materials.

Worried about getting rid of the squirrels in your attic? Keep reading to learn why squirrel pest control isn’t as bad as you think.

First of all, because of their size and nesting habits, squirrels are usually not as destructive as raccoons. While raccoons shred materials in your attic to make their nests, squirrels prefer to burrow under insulation, piles of fabric, or similar materials. Their excrement is still damaging and toxic in your attic, and must be cleaned up in a specific way to help protect both your health and your home’s value.

Once you’ve identified the squirrels in your attic, getting rid of them is sometimes as easy as waiting for them to exit your house and then sealing off their entry points. However, using live traps for some squirrels is best. Either way, it is always best to call a pest control company to handle your squirrel problem. These are wild animals, which means they can be unpredictable and may carry diseases.

A professional company will have the training and equipment necessary to efficiently and effectively remove the squirrels and aid in clean up of their excrement. They will also have a keen eye for identifying and sealing off potential entry points.

When Squirrel Pest Control Gets Tricky

When baby squirrels are present, removing squirrels becomes more complicated. Luckily, squirrels follow a pretty regular schedule of only having offspring in early spring and late summer. So if you can manage to kick the critters out before springtime, your attic should be easier to clear out.

Squirrel pest control should always be handled by a qualified and experienced pest control professional. When it comes to handling wildlife, there are certain risks the average person has no business dealing with. Some animals carry diseases, and others may behave erratically when confronted due to disease or the presence of babies.

A pest control expert will know how to protect himself and your family from wildlife attacks. After all, the easiest way to handle squirrel pest control is to have someone else handle it all for you.

Choose Professional Solutions for Squirrel Pest Control

North Fulton Pest Solutions has a team of wildlife control experts ready to remove the squirrels from your property. In addition to removing the squirrels, we can clean up their messes and take measure to ensure that additional squirrels cannot enter your home. Our extensive experience and training make us the logical choice for all of your pest control needs. Click here to learn more about our squirrel pest control services in the Atlanta area.