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The Most Surprising Things You Probably Don’t Know about Squirrel Control Products

squirrel control products johns creekSquirrel control products vary widely in their form, function, and success rates. Whatever methods you choose, keeping squirrels out of your home is crucial for the health and safety of your family, so it is important to take the proper steps to eradicate the issue as soon as possible.

You may not know this, but squirrels can wreak havoc both inside and outside of your home. They sometimes chew electrical wiring, which can cause house fires. They also cause damage to insulation, and carry parasites and diseases into your house. Their urine and fecal matter cause foul odors. These are just a few of the many reasons why you need to know about squirrel control products.

1. Squirrels Can Attack

A very important fact to know about squirrels is they sometimes attack people if they feel cornered. With that in mind, we always urge our past, present, and future clients to bring in professionals to handle any wildlife control situation.

Pest control professionals often prefer to use humane live traps in order to capture and release squirrels. The best place to set a live trap is right at the entry point the squirrel uses to access your attic. Their strong drive to return to their nest will put them right into the live trap virtually every time.

2. Ultrasound Devices Claim to Scare Squirrels Away

Another type of humane squirrel control product is an ultrasound device. These units emit sounds that humans can’t hear, but squirrels and other animals can. Be aware that if you have a dog, this kind of device may not be a good choice for you. The trick to ultrasound devices is that they need to be programmed to intermittently or randomly emit their annoying pitches. If the sound is constant, squirrels will get used to it and learn that there is no real danger in the area. Be forewarned that these devices often times, even when programmed, are met with limited or no success.

3. Pets May Keep Squirrels at a Distance

Speaking of dogs, they can be a great deterrent for squirrels. So can cats. The mere scent of them is enough to keep some squirrels away. But if you already have a large squirrel population on or around your property, dog and cat scents are likely ineffective for squirrel control. Your pets may kill the occasional squirrel, but pets are no match for large squirrel families.

4. What Doesn’t Work for Squirrel Control?

One thing lots of people try to use to control squirrels on their own is rat traps. Take it from the pros – rat traps rarely work for squirrels. Squirrels are bigger than rats; rat traps and zappers are typically ineffective against these larger rodents.

Attempting to poison squirrels is illegal in many places, so we always recommend against this method. Besides, rodenticide applications are always best left to pest control professionals. But in the case of squirrel control products, deterrence, live trapping, and exclusion are far better options.

North Fulton Pest Solutions Has the Answers

North Fulton Pest Solutions would appreciate the opportunity to help you with your squirrel control products questions. We encourage our clients to become educated about their pest control situations before taking any action. Get more information today by checking out our rodent and squirrel control services page.