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Do Traditional Traps Freak You Out? 4 Ways Professional Pest Control for Mice Can Change Your Life

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Atlanta Professional Pest ControlProfessional pest control companies have some pretty neat tricks up their sleeves. They understand that while you don’t want mice intruding in your living spaces, you also might not want to subject them to traditional mousetraps. Whether it’s the snapping kind or the glue kind, they just don’t sound like a very nice way to go even though at times traditional traps are a necessary part of rodent control. Professional pest control technicians understand you might feel squeamish at the thought of setting out mouse bait and waiting for them to die inside your walls.

If traditional traps freak you out, you’re not alone. There are other ways to handle your mouse problem, and a good professional pest control company can help you figure out what will work best for you.

Keep reading to learn about four ways professional pest control for mice can change your life:

1. Stop the Chewing.

One of the major concerns with rodents inside the home is their habit of chewing on…well, just about anything. But chewing on electrical wires is a fire hazard and needs to be stopped. You can deter mice and rats from chewing on your wires by spraying the wires with a mixture of vegetable oil, horseradish, and lots of cayenne pepper. While some describe positive feedback with this method, results vary, and this approach doesn’t keep rodents out of your home!

2. Live Traps May Be the Answer.

You may have heard otherwise, but it is possible to catch mice with live traps. Think of the live trap your uncle uses to catch opossums and raccoons, and then shrink it way down. These traps are made for rats and squirrels but can also work for catching mice. A dab of their favorite types of food will lure them into the trap, the door snaps shut behind them, and then the intruders can be removed from the house.

3. Make Some (Sonic) Noise.

Certain sonic frequencies have been shown to repel rodents. Setting up a sonic device can supposedly drive mice out of your home and keep them from re-entering. While some products make bold claims, professional pest control companies recommend that your don’t waste your money on these types of products because the success rates vary greatly.

4. Keep ‘Em Out.

Exclusion is the final and most important part of a mouse control plan. Exclusion involves locating the spots where mice have been entering your home, and then closing off those openings. This step cannot be skipped if you want to keep mice out of your house for good. A seasoned professional pest control expert will find portals that you’ll never find on your own. You might be skeptical of all the little spots we seal, but keep in mind a mouse can squeeze through a hole the diameter of a pencil.

For over four decades, Atlanta homeowners have put their mouse problems in the hands of North Fulton Pest Solutions. We work closely with our clients to hear their concerns, and come up with a plan to address the problem quickly. Call (770) 475-7419 to learn how North Fulton Pest Solutions’ professional pest control experts can resolve your mouse problem.