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The Top 6 Reasons Your Neighbors Are Calling For A Pest Control Company

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pest control companyWell, you may or may not need to call a pest control company. Though certain situations make us all wonder, there may be no reason to panic just yet. There are many reasons to call a pest control company. Most reasons are for basic problems or even just “peace of mind” visits. Some of the most common reasons anyone, neighbor or not, calls a pest control company over for a visit are:

Call a Pest Control Company for Mice

These furry little pests commonly and usually come indoors during the winter months seeking warmth and an easy food source. Seeing just one whisker-twitching mouse scamper across a floor or counter may be reason enough to phone.

Call a Pest Control Company for Cockroaches

These little pests are actually not native to the US. Cockroaches migrated on ships from Africa over the centuries of oceanic travel. They prefer a warm and humid climate, which is why they like infesting homes and other buildings. These pests like moist foods and will avoid bright light. Professional pest control companies have been very helpful in keeping them in check.

Call a Pest Control Company for Fleas

If your neighbor has pets, especially “inside” and “outside” pets, such as dogs or cats, they may be battling a flea infestation. Fleas are external parasites that can jump vertically nearly one foot off the ground, and they thrive on our furry friends. Fleas have a two week breeding cycle and a single female can lay thousands of eggs during her lifetime. Their eggs can lay dormant waiting for a proper food source for up to a year. A fleas’ body can withstand great pressure, so simply squashing them is quite difficult.

Call a Pest Control Company for Termites

Termites are very common in the southern states. So, the odds of every house in our area being struck with termites at least once are very probable. Termites are not closely related to ants though they are similar to them in many aspects, they live in colonies that can reach the millions, they divide labor collectively with workers, reproduction care, and so on; they even resemble ants. Termite infestations cause billions of dollars in the U.S. alone every year in structural damage and most infestations are not found until the owner stumbles across a grouping of the colony or structural damage of some kind.

Call a Pest Control Company for Bed Bugs

The United States has had them for centuries, but in recent years, bed bugs have boomed. What some people don’t know is that though these mostly nocturnal little blood-feasting, itchy-bump-leaving parasites prefer to reside in and near beds; they aren’t just in “beds” in homes and hotels. They can be found in other furniture in your home, department stores, furniture and mattress warehouses, and can travel on just about anything.

Call a Pest Control Company for Wildlife

A stray visitor from the wild such as a snake, fox, raccoon, bat, skunk, squirrel, and so on. Many pest control companies, like North Fulton Pest Solutions, do not just treat homes for small rodents and bugs, they also provide a wide range of services that include getting rid of the slightly larger uninvited guests.

If you are curious enough to wonder if your neighbor calling pest control is reason enough to ensure your own peace of mind for your own home or building, it’s time to take action. Call (770) 475-7419 to reach the friendliest pest control company in the Atlanta area.