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How to Remove Squirrels and Take Back Your Attic

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How to Remove SquirrelsIf you’re wondering how to repel squirrels, you may already have a problem on your hands. Are you up nights listening to critters romp around in the attic overhead? Have you started to pick up on strange odors wafting down from the attic? Can you see squirrels entering and exiting your home when you’re outside? If you have one squirrel taking up roost in your home, you may have several more. It’s important to address the problem before they cause real damage.

Why Squirrel Repellents Don’t Work

From retail squirrel repellent products to modern myths about moth balls, popular squirrel repellent methods tend not to work. Squirrels don’t have extra-sensitive noses like dogs, and they can put up with a tremendous amount of stink when it means living in your warm home. These repellent products are more likely to keep humans out of your attic than anything else.

Block Entryways Into Your Attic to Keep Out Squirrels

If you’re trying to find out how to remove squirrels and looking to repel squirrels before they become a problem, it’s a better use of your time and resources to seal or close possible entryways instead. Find and address poorly constructed roof returns, holes in the siding, and damage or gaps around the edge of your roof. Squirrels are incredibly wily and will enter your home using a hole as small as half an inch in diameter.

Common entry points include:

  • Areas where different types of building materials meet
  • Utility penetrations for plumbing, wiring, cable lines
  • Vent openings and exhaust ports
  • Roof lines, roof returns, and soffits

Make sure you identify every possible entrance by hiring professionals like North Fulton Pest Solutions for the job. Our wildlife exclusion experts know exactly where to look for possible entry points into your home, as well as the appropriate way to close, seal, or fill them. For instance, specialty metals, hardware cloth, copper mesh and other specialty exclusion materials allow you to block access to squirrels and other pests while allowing vents and exhaust ports to fulfill their intended jobs.

How to Remove Squirrels Permanently in Your Attic a With Wildlife Exclusion Expert

Our trained wildlife exclusion experts have the tools and the training to remove squirrels already living in your home and keep them from getting back in. Our technicians will remove unwanted wildlife from your attic often by means of specialty excluder cages which act as one way doors and then seal all potential entry points to your home preventing re-entry in the future.

Excluder cages are essentially “one-way” doors. Squirrels living in your attic can leave through the cage to collect food, but they won’t be able to return again. These “traps” lock from the outside and block the hole used for entry. Once we’re sure the squirrels have exited your home, our wildlife removal experts will take the trap away and seal or secure the former entry point.

Experimenting with how to remove squirrels is a losing battle. Discover ways to block their entrance and skillfully remove them instead. Call in professionals licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to handle wildlife exclusion efforts. Dial 770-475-7419, and request a FREE quote from North Fulton Pest Solutions.