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German Roaches vs. American Roaches

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German roaches vs. American roachesIt can be very distressing to discover that you have roaches in your home. It is embarrassing and can keep you from having guests over. There is a stigma attached to roaches in the home. Many believe that it is due to unclean conditions. That isn’t always the case though. You might be surprised to learn about German roaches vs. American roaches and just what draws them into your house.

German Roaches vs. American Roaches

German roaches and American roaches are very different and each requires a different approach to keeping them out of your home. German roaches are the small, brown roaches, sometimes referred to as “kitchen roaches.” American roaches are quite large and dark brown. German roaches prefer being indoors while American roaches like to be outside. Whatever the case, when they get in your home, you want them out – and with good reason. Roaches are known vectors of diseases, and their presence has been proven to exacerbate certain conditions like asthma. Roach control is a major concern for most homeowners and renters alike.

Controlling American Cockroaches

American roaches prefer the outdoors; so, they are considered to be more of an occasional home invader. They may wander in by accident through an open door or window. If they do purposefully enter a home it is because they are looking for food, water, and shelter. In most cases, quarterly services are more than adequate in keeping American roaches controlled.

Controlling German Cockroaches

When you are trying to control German roaches vs. American roaches the difference is like night and day. German roaches can be a much bigger problem, mainly because they prefer to be indoors. You can bring German roaches into your home in a variety of ways. Bringing cardboard boxes in from storage, bringing in used furniture or electronics, even bringing boxed foods from the grocery store can bring German roaches into your home. If a person who has German roaches at their home comes to your home, the roaches can hide in their clothing or purse and enter your home that way. If you are in an apartment complex and your neighbors have roaches, they can make their way into your apartment as well.

The problem with German roaches is that they reproduce very quickly. The female only has to mate once and can produce 4 to 6 egg cases. Each egg case contains, on average, 40 to 50 young. Even 4 or 5 female roaches can create a population explosion in a very short time. If you want to get rid of German roaches, it will require monthly treatments in order to break the lifecycle and achieve the results you want.

Dealing with any type of roaches in the home can be very upsetting for the homeowner. Dealing with German roaches vs. American roaches is especially difficult but North Fulton Pest Solutions can help. We are a full service pest control company, and we can help you get rid of roaches for good. Give us a call today, and let us help you with all your pest control needs.