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How To Get Rid of Cockroaches and Keep Them From Returning

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How To Get Rid of CockroachesIf you are like most people, you have a strong aversion to roaches, especially in your home. They carry disease, can exacerbate respiratory conditions such as asthma, and can be difficult to get rid of once an infestation sets in. The three most common species of roach in the United States are the German, American, and Oriental roach. Knowing the species of roach you are dealing with can help tremendously in how you get rid of it. This means that knowing how to get rid of cockroaches takes a little more finesse than a can of bug spray. You might even need professional assistance.

Preventing a roach infestation

Prevention is always the best way to combat an infestation. Roaches and other household pests enter your home looking for food, water, or a place to nest. Take those away and the pests don’t have any reason to stay. For instance, many cockroaches enter homes looking for water. If you eliminate their access to water, you can help to reduce a roach population.

Other things you can do to prevent a roach infestation include storing your food in airtight containers, preferably plastic. Also, don’t leave food lying around, clean your kitchen daily, and always wipe down your counters. A roach can feed off a single crumb so you need to make sure there are no crumbs available.

How to get rid of cockroaches

There are several home roach control methods that can be effective, but one thing to remember about roaches is that for every one you see, there are likely hundreds more in hiding. If you see roaches in your home, especially if it is during the day, then you could very well have an infestation already.

Many people don’t know how to get rid of cockroaches for good, and they make mistakes that actually strengthen the roach population in their home. Roaches can become immune to certain products so you need to choose your product wisely.

The first step in getting rid of roaches is to vacuum up, as many as you can. Vacuum in cabinets, under counters, behind appliances, and other areas where roaches like to congregate. Then carry the vacuum outside, away from your home, and empty the bag. Next, bait should be applied to cracks, baseboards, the back portion of cabinets and anywhere else they may be.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your roach infestation just won’t go away. Knowing how to get rid of cockroaches is one thing, actually doing it is another. If you find that your roach problem requires the assistance of a professional, give us a call. At North Fulton Pest Solutions, we can help you get rid of your roach infestation. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will help rid your home of roaches and give you tips on how to keep them away. Call today or visit our website and find out how we can help you with your roach problem.