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What Should I Expect in a Termite Inspection Report for Closing on a New Home

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Termite Inspection Report for ClosingWhen a real estate transaction is about to close, the lender will usually require a report that assures the property is free from termites and other wood destroying organisms. This “termite letter”, or termite inspection report for closing is formally known as the Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report in the state of Georgia, and it must be completed by a licensed pest control professional who is specifically trained in detecting active infestations, inactive infestations, and conditions conducive to termites and other wood destroying organism infestations in and around a house.

What to Expect During the Home Termite Inspection

The buyer and seller may elect to be present during the inspection or only the real estate agent could be in attendance. The inspection usually takes about an hour to complete, and during that time the inspector will require access to all interior and exterior areas of the house including all rooms, closets, basement, attic, and crawl space. They will be looking for the presence of termites, wood boring beetles and wood decaying fungus, signs that a previous infestation has been treated, or indications (including conducive conditions) that there is a risk of future infestation. Additionally, they will be looking for signs of an infestation or presence of termites or other wood destroying organisms including mud tubes, discarded wings, frass, and wood that sounds hollow when tapped.

What the Termite Inspection Report for Closing Covers

The inspection is typically done within 30 days before closing. If the closing is delayed it may be necessary to get another termite inspection report to ensure that it falls within the 30-day window.

The Termite Inspection Report covers the following information:

  • Whether or not the visible evidence of a wood destroying organism (WDO) infestation was identified during the inspection.
  • Whether or not the inspection yielded signs of an active or inactive infestation of specifically listed wood destroying organisms.
  • Areas of the structure that were obstructed or inaccessible during the inspection.
  • Any conditions conducive to infestation for wood destroying organisms that were identified during the inspection.
  • Whether or not the company performing the inspection treated the structure for any of the listed wood destroying organisms, and if so, whether or not the current treatment warranty, if any, is transferable to a subsequent owner.

Many times the realtor will schedule the inspection. If not, the responsibility typically falls to the buyer to find a termite company and schedule an inspection. If the house is currently under a termite guarantee, the seller should inform the realtor. Often a current termite contract can be transferred to the buyer; that is a matter to be discussed with the pest control company to see if it is an option.

When you need a termite clearance letter, we have qualified, experienced technicians who will provide a thorough, professional inspection. Call North Fulton Pest Solutions today to schedule a termite inspection when buying or selling your home. Our worry-free, environmentally responsible approach to pest control means you can rely on us to help protect your home and family. Call today.