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Why You Should Hire A Professional For Dead Squirrel Removal

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Dead Squirrel RemovalDiscovering a dead squirrel in your yard, home, or pool is an unpleasant event in and of itself. However, it could pose a health risk to you, your family, your pets, and other animals, especially if it is not handled and disposed of properly. Because of this, experts advise that dead squirrel removal is best left to professionals.

Signs of a Dead Squirrel in your Yard or Home

Usually, the first sign of a dead squirrel is the smell. As the animal’s corpse begins to decay, it produces gasses that give off the smell that is often associated with rotting flesh. Fluids begin to drain out, leeching in the wood, insulation, and sheetrock if the carcass is in a wall or attic, causing stains. Other signs of a dead animal (aside from actually seeing the carcass) include:

  • Swarming flies
  • Increased animal interest in the area where the dead animal is
  • Increased insect activity including ants and beetles
  • Crows or vultures congregating and feeding in the area

You may have to search if you can smell the animal but cannot see it. Inside, check crawlspaces, walls and your attic, and outside check the yard and any outbuildings in the area.

Health Risks Associated With Dead Animals

Any dead animal can pose a health risk, especially if you don’t know how it died. The concern is not just with the animal itself, but also the insects it attracts. Flies can carry diseases and parasites – and they are usually one of the first responders both in the home and outside. As animals, birds, and insects feed on the carcass they also ingest the parasites, bacteria, and viruses that the animal may have had. In some cases, those things can be transmitted to other animals or humans.

Handling a dead animal without taking the necessary precautions can expose you to diseases and parasites that can make you, your family, or pets sick.

Dead Squirrel Removal and Georgia Law

Georgia law has strict guidelines for dead animal removal in the state. Dead squirrel removal, or any other type of dead animal removal, must be done following these guidelines. This applies to dead animals found on a person’s property or in their homes. Animals found within the rights of way of all state highways are the responsibility of the Georgia Department of Transportation.

It should also be noted that under Georgia law, dead animals must be disposed of, by the methods outlined in the law, within 24 hours after the animal’s death or discovery of the corpse. Among the specific methods listed, the law does provide for dead animals to be buried, but they must be buried at least three feet below ground level, and the carcass must be covered by at least three feet of earth. It also must not be in a location where the surface or ground water are contaminated.

Aside from the obviously unpleasant task of disposing of a dead squirrel, these stringent guidelines are further confirmation that disposing of a dead squirrel or other wildlife is best left to a professional.

At North Fulton Pest Solutions, we are equipped to handle your nuisance wildlife problems, including dead squirrel removal. When it’s time to hire a professional, give us a call. We’re fast, professional, and experts in wildlife removal. Call 770-475-7419 to schedule an appointment or to receive a FREE quote for home protection against invading wildlife.