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Ant Populations in Georgia

Who hasn’t had the pleasure of coming home to a trail of ants scurrying across the floor? Even if you keep your house spotless, it only takes one plate of food to catch the attention of these little insects. Though small, you should never underestimate an ant colony that has made your house a target. They live in highly civilized and structured societies, and every ant has its own role. The one homeowners need to be aware of in particular is the scout. If you ever see an ant roaming around solo, know that it will soon be followed by many more, as ant colonies can number into the millions. After finding food, the scout will leave behind a scent trail, giving its tiny friends a clear and direct path to the source. This is why ants can be seen following each other in a straight line, marching one by one.

Ants are Tiny, but They Pack a Punch

Many residents in Georgia know how big of a problem ants can be, but you may not know that there are in fact over 100 types of ant species in the state. However, there are a select few to keep an eye out for, as these species can be a real hassle to remove. Here are some of the more popular ant species in Georgia:

Types of Ants in Georgia

  • Carpenter Ants: While they may not pose a threat to our bodies, this species gets its name for a reason. They create their nests from chewed up wood. If left to their own devices, they can cause just as much damage as some termite populations. Carpenter ants are easily identifiable by their large size and yellow-hair abdomens.
  • Fire Ants: Crossing paths with red fire ants is not something you will want to do, let alone have them set up shop in your house. Unfortunately, Atlanta pest control companies are often called upon for this reason.
  • Argentine Ants: These ants are very small, which can make them incredibly hard to detect. They frequently enter homes in search for water, especially during the summer months, and in the winter for shelter.

Store bought traps only work to an extent when it comes to getting rid of unruly ant colonies. A more effective method is to use common sense; keep food stored in containers and on higher shelves, and seal cracks and crevices in your house. Also, if you happen to be the unfortunate victim of a fire ant colony, make the smart choice and contact a professional Atlanta pest control company immediately. These ants are very aggressive and will continue to attack anything that threatens their mound until they feel the threat has been neutralized. Every year, people are sent to the emergency room for bites. A quick Google search of images of victims of such attacks will make it clear as to why calling an Atlanta pest control firm is highly recommended.