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Why You Need to Address Yard Pest Control Services Before Summer

Spring has finally put an end to the long winter season, and now is the perfect time to address yard pest control concerns. Make sure you take care of that before summer starts. Summer is the season for planning barbecues and pool parties – not a time when you want to worry about yard pest control problems. That should be taken care of well before the parties commence. But there are far more important reasons to address your yard pest control services issues before summer is in full swing.

One of the most common, and most annoying backyard insects is the mosquito. Spring is the time to get rid of standing pools of water on your property to keep mosquito larvae from hatching. It’s also the time to begin applications to deter mosquitoes from ruining your family’s outdoor time. Having a professional treat around your backyard is an effective way to keep these little biting menaces away.

Spring is also a good time to identify wasp and hornet nests when they are just beginning to form. It’s far simpler to remove small wasp or hornet dwellings rather than large ones. Take a close look at the trees around your property and the overhangs of your home to inspect for these bugs and their nests. If you find one, it’s always best to call a yard pest control professional to remove the nest.

Fire ants are another common backyard annoyance here in the southeast. Do-it-yourself applications or baits from the hardware store will not eradicate the entire population. That can only be accomplished by a knowledgeable yard pest control professional who has the tools and products to do the job right.

Carpenter bees are nuisances that rarely sting, but often cause property damage by digging tunnels into the wooden components of your home. Spring is the perfect time to move woodpiles away from your house, and plug old burrow holes before they can be used by a new generation of carpenter bees.

The black widow and brown recluse spiders are the two most venomous species in North America, and they can both be found in the Atlanta area. Springtime is a great time to inspect your backyard area for these potentially dangerous spiders. Check under porches, woodpiles, in sheds, and in other sheltered areas for these spiders. The surest way to eliminate these pests is to call a professional.

Contact North Fulton Pest Solutions about your yard pest control services concerns this spring.