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Wildlife Control

5 Things about Wildlife Pest Control Everyone Thinks Are True

People tend to believe what they’re told, and wildlife pest control myths are no exception. Whether this “wisdom” is passed down through families or shared on social media, everybody has an opinion regarding what’s true and what’s false. Some people enjoy sharing their advice and old wives’ tales and seem like they know the answers. While people may mean well, often times they are unknowingly spreading untruths.

It’s time to get the facts straight. Here are five debunked wildlife pest control myths that everyone believes are true:

1. “If I keep my house clean, I won’t have wildlife pest control issues.”

It’s true that keeping a tidy home and eliminating clutter will probably help keep some critters at bay. But if a raccoon wants to hunker down in your attic for the winter, he won’t care one bit how clean your kitchen floor is.

2. “Vampire bats will suck my blood.”

Vampire bats do not suck human blood. They will, however, feed on the blood of large animals like horses and cattle.

3. “Cats will keep the mice and rats away.”

Cats will kill mice and rats, but you can not expect a cat to eliminate a rodent problem. Mice and rats breed rapidly and a house or barn cat will not be able to keep up with the breeding rate.

4. “One little mouse in the house is no big deal.”

Well, you know how deer are herding animals, and if you see one near a highway, there are almost always more nearby? The same is true for mice. And, mice reproduce at an incredible rate. They can begin mating at 6 weeks of age, and could have ten or more babies per litter, about once a month. So over a lifespan of about 18 months…we’ll let you do the math. If you see one mouse in the house, it’s highly likely that you have many mice in the house.

5. “A rattlesnake will always rattle its tail before it strikes.”

Not if you manage to sneak up on the snake! It won’t have time for a warning shot before it protects itself by biting your leg.

Do some of these facts send a shiver down your spine? If you’d like to get rid of pests so you don’t even have to worry about whether these facts are true or not, you need a professional pest control solution.

North Fulton Pest Solutions has a team of wildlife pest control experts ready to fulfill all of your pest control needs. No matter what your situation is, we have the experience, training, and equipment to get the job done right. Click here to check out our website for contact methods and even more information about wildlife pest control.