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Wildlife Control

Tell Tale Signs That You Need Professional Wildlife Nuisance Control Services

Wildlife Nuisance ControlWildlife is beautiful – when it’s out in the wild. When it is in your home, it loses a bit of its luster. Nuisance wildlife can wreak havoc when it finds its way onto your property, getting into pet food, getting into your garbage, and potentially bringing disease, fleas, ticks, and mites, into your yard and home, where your pets and family can be affected. The thing is, you could have wild animals on your property and not even know it. Wildlife nuisance control experts can help, but if you don’t know what’s on your property, how will you know to call them

Signs of (Wild) Life

Aside from actually seeing a wild animal on or in your property, they do leave many telltale signs to signify their presence in an area. If you hear an animal crying, growling, or scratching in your walls or attic, that’s a pretty good indication something is there and you need a professional to check it out. Other signs of wildlife in your home or yard include:

  • Odors – Musky, strong odors can indicate the presence of wild animals but different animals have their own scents.
  • Droppings – Animal droppings can vary in size and shape. They are often found near places where the animal beds down or, if they are getting into your home, near access points.
  • Nests – Nest in a garage, basement, or attic could be squirrels, raccoons, or rats, while burrows on your property could be rats, chipmunks, or moles.
  • Gnawing – Both tooth marks and wood chips are evidence of gnawing and you may only see one or the other. Raccoons, squirrels, and other animals may chew the insulation around wires, baseboards, or around vents where they can gain access. The size of the marks left by their teeth can help determine size and, therefore, the type of animal.
  • Disturbances – Excited pets, scattered garbage, noises of things in or around your home being disturbed are all indications that you have wildlife around your home – and if they aren’t already getting inside, they very well could be quite soon.

Do You Need Wildlife Nuisance Control?

Georgia’s nuisance wildlife laws are quite stringent so if you believe you have wild animals in your home or commercial property, professional wildlife nuisance control is probably your best option. Wildlife professionals can inspect your property and tell you if there is any wildlife present and if they are attempting (or have succeeded) to enter your home. They will then work with you to create a plan to get rid of nuisance wildlife on your property in the most humane way possible and in compliance with Georgia law…and keep them out of your home in the future with our wildlife exclusion services.

Do you need wildlife nuisance control for an unwelcome four-legged guest that you just can’t manage? Call North Fulton Pest Solutions. We have technicians who are trained and certified specifically in nuisance wildlife services. Call today or visit our website so you can make an appointment and send those critters packing.