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Wildlife Control

Curious about the Process? The Basics of Wildlife Control Services from the Experts

wildlife control servicesWildlife control services are in high demand during the winter months. It’s common for all kinds of mammals to search for warm and safe shelters to wait out the cold weather. Unfortunately, attics, crawl spaces, garages, and sheds make great nesting places for critters of all kinds. Beginning in the fall and continuing through the winter, the North Fulton Pest Solutions customer service team always sees an uptick in the number of wildlife control calls we get.

If you are curious about the wildlife control process, keep reading to learn about the expert services we offer.

Wildlife Control Process: Assessment

The wildlife control process always begins with an assessment to determine what kinds of wildlife are present on the property. If you have spotted the wildlife yourself, then that’s a great start. But oftentimes, the homeowner has merely heard scurrying noises coming from the attic, or spotted droppings in the home. This scenario requires a little more research, because it’s important to know what species of animal is being removed from the structure.

Know Your Options

The next step in the process is to chat with the homeowner about what we have discovered about the wildlife present on the property, as well as sharing their best options for removal and exclusion. We do everything we can to give each client the best possible outcomes while also working within their budget.

Get the Animals out of There

Once the client has agreed to a wildlife control service plan, the North Fulton Pest Solutions technicians get to work. The course of action will depend on what kind of pests we are eliminating from the home. Removal of larger wildlife typically starts with setting live traps, which are a humane way to remove animals like squirrels or raccoons. Other methods of removal or elimination are used for rodents and insects.

Keep the Animals out of There

The next step is exclusion, which merely means preventing more pests from entering the home. Our technicians will seal all possible entry points to keep unwanted animals out of the house. This often involves a thorough inspection of the attic, the roofline, crawl space, doorways, utility penetrations, gable vents, and the home’s foundation.


The last piece of the puzzle is cleaning up messes and assessing damages left behind by the wildlife. Animals such as raccoons and squirrels can inflict an amazing amount of damage on attics. They tend to chew wires, shred cardboard, and destroy insulation. Their urine and feces can present a health hazard for your family until it is effectively and completely cleaned up. Our technicians can help clean up after the animals and help you secure assistance to fix damaged wiring, insulation, wallpaper, and air ducts.

North Fulton Pest Solutions provides full-service wildlife control for businesses and homes across Atlanta. Over the past 47 years, we have developed a deep understanding of the area’s wildlife and their habits. Click here to learn more about our wildlife control services.