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Wildlife Control

Stop the Wildlife Invasion: The Top 4 Tricks of Wildlife Control Professionals

Wildlife Control ProfessionalsIf there’s a wild animal trapped in your home, wildlife control professionals can clear up the problem without anyone getting hurt. They’re not crazy, blood-thirsty sociopaths like you may have seen on TV. They do want to preserve both human and animal safety.

Here are four surprising tricks wildlife control professionals use to peacefully secure your property:

Wildlife Control Professionals identify and remove wildlife attractants.

Depending on the area you live in, there may be little you can do to keep animals away. You can make adjustments, however, to avoid inviting them in. Keep a clean home and yard, trim low tree branches and use “smart” garbage bins that animals will have to struggle to open.

Also, quickly fix any existing pest problems you have or problems that may arise. Humans sometimes forget that for wild animals, ants, termites and cockroaches can also be a source of food. Professionals can help you spot the biggest problem factors around your home and make the appropriate adjustments.

Wildlife Control Professionals install prevention devices and exclusion materials.

Exclusion materials can be placed over most of the inlets leading into your home, whether you need a large chimney cap to keep birds away or a small dryer vent cover to prevent wildlife from entering exhaust outlets. These types of devices prevent animals from coming into your home to begin with, therefore depleting chances of removal.

It’s also important to cover any holes or gaps in your home’s exterior construction and to seal the construction or builders gap along your roofline. They aren’t just unsightly; they’re invitations to all kinds of pests. Talk to a local professional about the types of wildlife invasions common in your area, and the devices useful to prevent them.

Installing live traps allows for skillful wildlife removal.

These large, metal traps can look scary, but have no fear. They shut tight and contain animals for the sake of convenient removal. Before these inventions, professionals used to use a loop to rope a wild raccoon hiding out in someone’s home, or worse, poisonous applications that would kill them. These days, professionals will capture and release wild animals into the great outdoors when local rules and regulations allow it. Professionals will even turn noticeably sick animals over to rescue centers too.

Excluder cages prevent animal re-entry.

If there’s a hole in your roof or siding, it’s a beacon for animals of all kinds. Some of these may be likely to leave for food gathering, only to return to store food indoors and take shelter from dropping nighttime temperatures. An excluder cage fits into these holes, and acts as a one-way door. Animals can leave the structure through the cage, but they cannot re-enter. At this point, most wildlife returns to their natural environment making trapping and relocation unnecessary. This process is cost effective and preserves the health of the animal. Professionals will alert you to these areas so after they remove their equipment, the entry point can be sealed.

Wildlife control professionals aren’t the monsters they’re made out to be on TV. We work diligently to make your home secure while protecting creatures that venture inside looking for comfort, protection and food. Feel confident calling North Fulton Pest Solutions at the first sign an animal is holding up in your home.

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