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Wildlife Control

Do You Have a Wildlife Issue? 4 Things to Know about Wildlife Control Products to Help You Sleep at Night

Nobody looks forward to dealing with a raccoon in the attic, but there are great wildlife control products out there designed to make short work of the issue. It is always best to leave wildlife removal to pest control experts, because wild animals are unpredictable and can carry diseases. Trained technicians have the equipment (aka, expert wildlife control products) and knowledge required to remove your wildlife.

In case you’re worried about how humane these wildlife removal contraptions are, here are four things to know about wildlife control products to help you sleep at night:

Live traps and wildlife control products do not hurt the animal.

These wildlife control products are simple devices with a trap door that snaps shut when the animal crawls inside. We bait the trap with something yummy that the animal likes to eat – we do not put poison in the live trap. The animal is secured in the live trap until our technicians return to your house. Our team will seal the holes the animal used to access your home. Then, we remove the animal from your home in the trap.

We sometimes also use excluder traps.

These devices are placed inside the home, at the opening the animal uses to enter your house. Excluder traps will let animals out of the house, but won’t let them back in. Once all of the animals have left the building, we simply remove the excluder trap and seal off the hole.

There are gutter-sealing systems available that prevent rodents and birds from nesting inside your gutters.

In addition to keeping the critters out, these enclosed gutters also keep leaves and debris out. This means you would never again have to climb a ladder to clean your gutters. That’s double the benefits in one product – what homeowner wouldn’t love that?

Since exclusion is the key to preventing wildlife from entering the home, consider the easy ways you can keep animals from entering.

One simple solution is a wire chimney cover. These will keep birds, raccoons, and just about any other animal from getting into your chimney.

Wild animals belong outside, not in your house. If you suspect that an animal has made its way into your attic, crawl space, or chimney, it’s important to call your pest control company right away. It’s never a good idea to try to trap or exclude wild animals yourself – there are simply too many variables in play with wildlife.

North Fulton Pest Solutions has many years of experience removing wildlife from Atlanta homes. We use the best products and equipment to ensure the animal is removed quickly. If you want to learn more about our wildlife control products and services, call (770) 475-7419.