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2 Ways Wasp Pest Control Can Change Your Life

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Most people call pest management professionals when a wasp nest gets out of hand, but it pays to invest in wasp pest control before things get that far. It’s simpler, more affordable, and less stressful. Let things go too long, and you may find out the service may have prevented a serious problem.

How can hiring the pros change your life? Consider the following benefits:

Your family will be better protected from swarming stinging insects.

While bees are the benevolent factions of the flying, sometimes stinging world, wasps tend to be the gangsters. They cruise around your property just looking for trouble, and when they find it, they attack as a group. Yellow jackets, including the off-named bald-faced hornet, are especially aggressive.

Wasps are also quite common in Georgia and are extra likely to attack in late summer. Why? There are more of them, so food sources have gotten low. If you see a wasp flying in circles or otherwise appearing “drunk,” don’t believe the myths of fermented fruit impairing their judgment. These insects are on the verge of starvation and never more ready for a fight.

If you are swarmed, calmly but quickly walk from the area toward brush or trees where you will be harder for them to see. Remove any stingers remaining in your skin as soon as possible, and seek treatment right away. Applying ice to your injuries can help reduce swelling. If you start feeling sick, develop hives or begin to have problems breathing, seek medical attention right away.

Fortunately, removing the wasp nests on or near your home can help prevent swarms and solitary stings.

You can use your off time to relax instead of removing wasp nests.

Their nests often hold hundreds or thousands of insects, meaning you’re apt to be swarmed if you get too close to one. Wasps don’t have barbed stingers like honey bees, so they can attack you multiple times. Each time you’re stung, the wasp emits a pheromone calling its friends to the fight.

Taking care of nests is best handled in the early spring before the colonies have begun to develop. Early summer is also a good time, because the number of workers and drones is relatively low. By late summer, you’re taking a gamble by approaching a nest, but you might be more inclined given the number of wasps regularly in your yard.

Hiring professionals for wasp removal has major benefits, the least of which isn’t preserving your health. Contact them early on if you begin to see stinging insects on your property or if you see an active nest. Attempting to take care of the problem yourself, especially in late summer, can be an expensive and painful mistake.

Call North Fulton Pest Solutions if you’re in need of wasp pest control. We have the expertise you need to stay sting-free. Call 770-475-7419 for a free quote for wasp pest control.