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Got Termites in Your Home? Here Are 5 Ways to Tell

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termites in your homeTermites cause $5 billion in damages for American homeowners every year. This means that early identification and swift termination are essential to preserving your home’s integrity and value. You probably know that some termites live underground, and others can live inside your walls.

So how are you supposed to find termites in the first place? Here are five ways to tell whether you have termites in your home.

1. Wood that sounds hollow.

If wooden components of the structure sound hollow when you knock on them, termites may be eating the wood from the inside out. Knock on the wood of your house to see whether something might be home.

2. Swarms of winged insects, or piles of discarded wings.

Subterranean termites most often swarm at new locations during springtime. Drywood termite swarms are less seasonably predictable. Most homeowners who find termites will identify the bugs along the outside foundation edge. Spotting a swarm of winged insects or piles of discarded wings around your foundation is grounds for calling your termite specialist immediately.

3. Cracked paint or wooden components.

Termites can squeeze through cracks that are just a millimeter wide, so even the tiniest cracks in your home’s foundation or near siding, vents, and windows should be sealed. Your pest control team will monitor the seals to make sure they’re holding up over time.

4. Mud tubes along exterior edges.

Subterranean termites build mud tubes along the edge of a home’s foundation. This gives them easy access to moisture as the colony eats its way through the wooden parts of the house. Spotting a mud tube is a sure sign of termites. Never place wood-derived products such as firewood or mulch up against your home. This will help to prevent the creation of ideal termite habitats.

5. Frass.

This is dusty, wood-colored droppings produced by Drywood termites as they eat through wood. Keep your gutters and crawl spaces as clean as possible to reduce the termite food sources around your home.

If you suspect that there are termites in your home, North Fulton Pest Solutions knows how urgent the situation can be. This is especially true if you intend to sell your home, because signs of termites can prevent buyers from securing certain types of financing. The good news is that fumigating the entire home is almost never necessary. A wide variety of additional options usually make it simpler and quicker to eliminate your termites than in years past.

The highly trained and experienced pest control technicians at North Fulton Pest Solutions are well versed in the elimination of termites. Scores of satisfied customers will attest to our success rate in getting rid of termites in your home.

Contact us today to hire the best pest control company Atlanta has to offer to get rid of your termites in your home.