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Termite Treatment Options for Your Home and Property

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In the United States alone, the damage caused by termites and the professionals hired to provide termite control costs the public more than five billion dollars every year. Georgia has a very heavy subterranean termite population. Formosan termites, a particular type of subterranean termites, are also found in Georgia but are not native to the area. However, they are extremely destructive, mainly due to their massive numbers. Homeowners should know what termite treatment options are available to them for their home and property so they can make educated decisions regarding how to move forward should termites be found in or near their home.

Can You Treat Your Own Home for Termites?

While there are some pest control treatments you can do on your own, a professional termite treatment is typically not one of them. The experts strongly advise against homeowners doing their own termite treatments; a qualified, experienced, licensed professional is better suited for the task. Termite control is quite intricate and is best left to someone who knows how to identify evidence of a termite infestation in a home, knows how to apply the product correctly, and can monitor the situation on a regular basis. They have been specifically trained in termite control and are better able to see the signs of infestation that a layperson will often miss. Plus, a termite service agreement and guarantee (sometimes referred to as a termite “bond”) will keep your home and property protected, and that can only be obtained through a termite professional.

Professional Termite Treatment Options

Typically, termites are treated through either termite baiting systems or liquid residual treatments. The liquid termiticide used in traditional liquid residual treatments is applied to the soil and acts as a barrier that lasts a period of time and prevents termites that are underground from entering structures such as a home or outbuilding. This also often means that the termites in the home die as well because they cannot return underground without passing through the treated zone. Termites are very delicate insects and need moisture in order to survive – they dry out very quickly. If they can’t get back to the damp underground, they desiccate. That’s also why it’s critically important to address any leaks that may be present in your home. An above ground water source (like a leaky roof) that provides moisture for termites can render a traditional liquid soil treatment ineffective.

The second of the common termite treatment options is the installation of a termite baiting system. This is also a very effective termite control method, but be advised that not all termite baiting systems are equal. Many so called termite baiting systems are actually monitoring systems that contain NO active termite bait at the time of installation. That’s why North Fulton Pest Solutions only recommends the Sentricon® T_ermite Colony Elimination System with Always Active_™ Technology when it comes to termite baiting systems. Sentricon® with Always Active™ is the only termite bating system where each and every station contains Recruit® HD termite bait (active termite bait) from the very first day of installation. That means you home is proactively protected from termites 24/7/365! A Certified Sentricon Specialist™ will install Sentricon stations in the yard at roughly 10 foot intervals around the footprint of the home. Above ground stations may also be installed indoors over active mud tubes. The termites ingest the bait, sharing it with the other termites in their colony. The active ingredient in the termite bait prevents termites from molting, which ultimately leads to their death and the elimination of the entire termite colony!

If you believe you may have termites or if you need to have your annual termite inspection, North Fulton Pest Solutions can help. We offer some of the most comprehensive termite treatment options in the area, including Formosan termite treatments. Give us a call to make an appointment for an inspector to visit your home or visit our website and request a free estimate. We offer worry free pest control solutions so you can rest easy knowing that your family, pets, home, and property are in good hands.

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