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Termite Tips

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Termites are a serious issue here in Georgia and they can remain undetected for years before you realize that you have a problem. You need to take a multifaceted approach to your termite prevention strategy and North Fulton Pest Solutions can help.


When you are first building your home or renovating, keep termite prevention in mind. Start by scheduling a pre-construction termite treatment with us. From there, you can take steps to avoid future damage by using termite-resistant concrete, steel or stone masonry in your home’s foundation.

You can also embed physical barriers to make it more difficult for termites to gain entry. If you must use wood, certain varieties are more termite-resistant, including turpentine tree, tea tree, and white cypress. Any at-risk lumber should be treated with the appropriate deterrent products. Be sure to maintain an adequate ground clearance between the earth around your home and any wood contact.

You can also prevent termites without the mess of construction by having a member of our Atlanta pest control team provide you with a termite treatment and prevention plan.

Periodic Inspections

Even with all of the preventative measures in the world, termites can still get into your home and cause damage. We strongly recommend that homeowners have one of our Atlanta termite inspection teams come out once a year to perform a thorough termite inspection as part of an on going guarantee and maintenance program. We are happy to provide you with a quick response, a detailed inspection and a full written report on our findings and recommendations.

If You Have an Infestation

If it turns out that you do have an Atlanta termite control problem, we can help you to eliminate the existing infestation and to deter future infestations. We are so confident that we can help that we guarantee that your termite problems will be totally resolved within 120 days of your initial treatment. If they aren’t resolved, we will come back over the next 30 days to ensure that they’re resolved at no additional charge.