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What Do You Need to Know about Termite Control Services for This Spring?

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termite control services roswell gaSpring is the perfect time to begin termite control services. Why? It’s the season when colonies are easiest to find. This is also the time of year when infestations spread, making it critical for prevention. It’s time now to get ahead of any problems. Termites aren’t always easy to spot, but keeping a look out for the following can protect your house.

Here are few important things to know about termites and termite prevention:

Swarming Black Bugs

Several species of insects develop the same way; so, it isn’t always easy to tell the type of swarm you’re observing. Swarming termites (future termite kings and queens) have wings and fly during mating season. Then, they relocate with their partners to create colonies of their own. They’re also living proof that your property already has at least one termite colony. If you’re not careful, you’re bound to have several more.

Unfortunately, they closely resemble swarming ants or flies, and no one wants to jump the gun when it comes to properly identifying and subsequently properly treating a pest or termite infestation. If you take pictures or, better yet, are able to save a few pest samples, a professional can help you determine the kind of insect swarming in your home.

You can also tell the difference by getting up close. Flies are easily recognizable. Ant bodies have three sections, where termite bodies have only one. Ants’ antennae are bent, while a termite’s are straight. Finally, termites lose their wings (which are of equal length) during mating rituals, which leads to the next big sign of a termite problem.

Mystery Wings

It’s important to note that termites swarm indoors as well as outdoors. If you’ve found tiny petal-like wings in an area, chances are you missed the show. Now, there could be hundreds or even thousands of termites crawling through your home seeking to set up their own colonies. The second you see these kinds of wings, pick up the phone and call a trusted termite control provider. It may be your only chance to squash a serious infestation before it begins.

As summer settles in, these termite colonies will change again. This time, they won’t leave body parts behind, but tunnels and eggs which will create even more ravenous termites to feed upon your home. By using a professional termiticides (available both in liquid and bait form) adapted to your home and your circumstances, your pest professional can eliminate those termites in your home and the rest of the colony that exists underground!

Effective Termite Control

Popular forms of termite control include both traditional liquid treatments with products like Termidor and the installation of termite baiting systems like the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology. . Certain methods are more effective in Atlanta’s weather and depending upon the intensity of infestation you’re dealing with. Often, you can combine methods for a fast, multi-faceted, and affordable resolution.

Obtaining a professional pest service can help you maximize your efforts while minimizing your risks, and who would be better than a local, family-owned business with over 47 years of service in the area?

If you are convinced it is time to get on top of your troubles with time-tested termite control services, call 770-475-7419 to contact North Fulton Pest Solutions today.