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Do You Know What The Tell Tale Signs Of Termites Are?

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termite inspection for home purchaseAn infestation of termites is a homeowner’s worst fear. The very idea of a swarm of pests slowly eating your home away can make anyone feel panicked. As soon as you begin to notice the tell tale signs of termites in your home you should contact a professional pest control company. If you fail to contact a pest management professional, the termites can cause very serious and possibly irreversible damage to your home.

Although it can be difficult to notice any early signs of infestation, there are certain signs that you should be able to recognize especially if you live in a termite prone area. After the infestation has been confirmed, a pest management professional will be able to recommend the proper treatment.

Termite Swarms

The first signs that homeowners usually notice are swarms. Termites are usually noticeable around well-lit areas of the home or near windows. The pests are more noticeable during this time because they are flying from their colony and looking for a new place to live. When you find a swarm, this is one of the tell tale signs of termites having a colony near your home, or in your home.


Tunnels that are made of mud are the ‘highways’ that termites use to travel into your home. They often use these tunnels when in search of something to eat. These tunnels can be found in various locations around your home including near your home’s foundation, in the attic or in the basement. If you notice any tunnels or tubes around your home, that is a good indication your home is about to be or is already infested with termites.

Wood Damage

A huge sign that you have a termite problem in your home is damaged wood. Wood that is hollow sounding when knocked may be a sign of wood damaged by termites, and it should be inspected immediately. Wood that is visibly showing signs of excessive moisture is also very attractive to termites. Moisture conditions and other conducive conditions to termite infestation should be corrected and proper termite control measures should be taken to protect one’s home.

Areas of excessive moisture or water sources are also areas conducive to termite infestation. Gutters, downpipes, kitchens and bathrooms are areas of the home where termite activity may be noticeable. Contact a pest control company immediately to remove the unwanted pests from your home.