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The Top 4 Facts Pest Control Companies Will Tell You About Spring Bug Control

spring bug control dunwoody gaYour spring bug control routine sets the course for the conditions you’ll be living with all year. What is your scheduled routine doing for your home? Will you prevent an infestation before it begins? Will you stomp out a budding problem? Or will you ignore the signs of trouble until your home is overrun? Get on top of stinging, biting and destructive insects with a proven pest control provider while the task is still affordable.

Here are four facts pest control companies hope you’ll take seriously this spring:

Spring is traveling season for many insects.

Swarming termites are busy establishing new colonies. Mosquitoes begin to lay eggs. Carpenter bees come out of hiding too, and start burrowing holes in your home to lay their eggs. Get an early inspection to determine the risks you’re facing and to identify the best ways of dealing with them. This is your best chance to prevent an infestation from taking root.

Some pests are already on-site.

Because of Georgia’s mild winter weather, many pests never truly die off. You just don’t notice them until they come out of hiding. Some are easier to get rid of as they’re emerging from their dormant state so calling in the experts before temperatures warm up can make pest prevention quick and easy. In any event, a small infestation is more manageable than a large one, so call in the experts as soon as you notice a problem.

Early in the season, many bugs look alike.

Many insects develop similarly from one species to another. Many go from egg to larvae then pupa and on to adult. It can take several stages to get from one version to the next, and it’s not always easy to tell them apart. Ants vs. termites, bumble bees vs. carpenter beetles, even caterpillars can be difficult to tell from grubs. Without knowing which species—and sometimes, which subspecies—you’re dealing with, it can be next to impossible to solve your pest problems.

Consumer pesticides can suffer from severe limitations.

DIY pest control rarely works out well because of all the tiny details impacting their use. Whether indoors or out, consumer products are almost always weaker compared to their commercial counterparts; meaning they’re less effective and usually aren’t worth as much per application. Knowing which products to use where and the right way to use them can be daunting for a homeowner.

Before you go the DIY route, ask yourself what will happen if your attempts fail. Will you be able to invest in professional services, or will you run the risk of bugs taking over your home? Many product lines are available, and spring is a popular time for sales, so make sure you seek estimates before deciding to attempt to solve your pest problems yourself. The measures you take now will set the stage for summer and beyond, so make sure your efforts—and dollars—are put to their best use.

Have you hired someone for spring bug control? What are you waiting for? If you are ready to work with the professionals to provide expert spring bug control, call North Fulton Pest Solutions today at 770-475-7419.