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Do You Need Professional Spider Pest Control? Here’s How To Tell.

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spider pest control atlantaSpider pest control would be a non-issue for most homeowners, if spiders would only stay outdoors. Most spiders actually prefer to be and live outdoors. However, when the weather cools, our warm homes become quite inviting for more than one reason. The warmth being number one, but the warmth also draws in other bugs, which the spiders find scrumptious.

There are several easy ways to get rid of or have the best spider pest control, such as:

  • Keep outdoor nighttime lights to a minimum as they draw food for the spiders near.
  • Keep vegetation next to the house or building trimmed and not too close as it provides ample hiding places, webbing areas, and shelter areas for food sources.
  • Vacuum spiders, webs, and egg sacs often, though it should be noted that this method only works with low spider populations.
  • Use glue traps. Place them in areas spiders frequently skitter across or make their webs near such as dark areas, behind furniture, under furniture, and close to walls and corners. Don’t forget to place them up high as well as spiders often hide, travel, and make their webs in elevated areas. It is also important to note that this will not be an incredibly effective method for dense populations as the glue traps do not trap or destroy eggs and egg sacs.

The most common spider infestation comes from what is globally referred to as “house spiders”. This is simply because that’s what they are: spiders that live in houses. Most are harmless and perhaps do some good in keeping other bug populations under control. They rarely bite unless they feel very threatened (trapped by a toe in a shoe, or by the arm of a person putting on clothing the spider is hiding in) and usually the result is just an itchy bump. However, if any headaches, nausea, severe swelling, or multiple itchy welts (hives) appear, it is vital that you seek medical help immediately (as it is likely you are having an allergic reaction).

Some ways to tell if you have an infestation and need spider pest control are:

  • None of the above methods seem to be making any difference in the appearance of spiders, webs, or cobwebs.
  • You are experiencing bites as a common occurrence through unavoidable contact with the spiders, including waking up in the morning with bites.
  • You are seeing multiple species of spiders frequently (it is important to note that if this is the case, you should find out if any of the spiders you are seeing are poisonous such as the brown recluse or black widow, both may be life threatening and are common in the Atlanta area).

Spiders are actually helpful in nature and in the home, but an overpopulation is nothing but stressful. To get answers, help, and a free estimate for spider pest control, please don’t hesitate to call the pest control professionals at North Fulton Pest Solutions.

Simply click or call (770) 475-7419 and the pros from North Fulton Pest Solutions will help you with spider pest control as quickly as possible.