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What Everyone Needs to Know About Snake Control Services

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snake control services johns creekWhy are snake control services in such high demand? One glimpse at the contents of people’s most common nightmares, and it’s easy to know. In fact, for many people, a fear of snakes ranks right up there with the fear of death and public speaking.

Unfortunately for those with snake phobias, snakes are extremely common visitors for Georgia homeowners. The good news is that the vast majority of our snakes are harmless. But if you have any doubts about the safety of a snake in your yard or home, calling a professional to remove the snake is your best course of action. Before you call for help or take matters into your own hands, here are some tips that everyone should know about snake control services.

  • Most snakes in Georgia are harmless to humans. However, there are six known species of venomous snakes found in Georgia: copperhead, pygmy rattlesnake, timber rattlesnake, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, cottonmouth, and eastern coral snake.
  • The state of Georgia protects all species of snakes except the venomous ones. Therefore, catch-and-release is generally the preferred method of snake control.
  • Snakes are overall considered to be beneficial because they consume a lot of pests, including mice and rats.
  • Because snakes are cold-blooded, they are normally inactive when it is cold or very hot outside. They spend this time hiding under rocks, logs, or in other isolated spots, so you are unlikely to see snakes out and about in extreme temperatures.
  • Snake repellent products found at your local hardware store are typically ineffective at snake control.
  • Contrary to your worst nightmares, snakes will not chase you down and bite you. Almost all snake bites happen in one of two scenarios: a person approaches and harasses the snake, or a person stumbles upon a snake and doesn’t see the snake in time to avoid a strike.

Few people truly want to see a snake on their property. Living in Georgia, though, this is part of our reality because they are extremely common here. In most cases, you can leave a snake alone in your yard and simply reap the benefits of it controlling your rodent population. But if you suspect that a venomous snake is on your property, it is important to call a professional snake control service immediately.

Finding a snake in your home is an unnerving experience. A snake can squeeze through a very narrow opening, and their doorway into your home must be identified and sealed to prevent additional incidents. North Fulton Pest Solutions technicians undergo specialized snake control training to reduce the chance of a snake bite.

If you have a snake control problem you need help with, contact North Fulton Pest Control right away.