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Skipping Termite Treatments, is it Risky?

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Scheduling termite treatments might seem like a hassle, and it can create a financial burden for some families, too. After all, if you can’t actually see any damages to your home that are caused by termites, what is there to worry about? North Fulton Pest Solutions encourages you to stop and think about the possible consequences of skipping termite treatments. Let’s take a moment to examine the potential risks associated with skipping termite treatments.

If you can’t see evidence of termites at your home with the naked eye, it’s very tempting to assume that you don’t have a termite problem. However, even an experienced and trained professional with high-tech equipment can only visually inspect 20-30% of your home for termites. That means that the vast majority of the structure cannot be seen – that provides a lot of hiding spots for termite colonies. But the experts know other ways to find “hidden” termite colonies, so if your termite professional says you have termites, it’s best to believe him. Following through with regular termite treatments will help ensure that the unseen pests will be eliminated.

Termite damages can add up to many thousands of dollars in repairs. If left unchecked, these dastardly bugs can even threaten the structural integrity of your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover the costs of repairing termite damages, either. If you think termite treatments are an expensive hassle, imagine the hassle and expense of having to rebuild entire portions of your home. Termites literally eat through wood – you could have to replace support beams, floorboards, and more.

And if you ever intend to sell your home, most mortgage lenders require certification from a professional that the home is termite-free. That means that you will have to conduct all the termite treatments it takes to get rid of these destructive pests, anyway. Imagine the frustration of wanting or needing to sell your home, and the only thing standing in your way is those pesky termites that you knew you should have had taken care of, but you just didn’t want to deal with the hassle. Having regular termite treatments conducted helps maintain your home’s value and ensures that you will be able to sell it when you want to.

Residents in the Atlanta area have trusted North Fulton Pest Solutions for their termite treatments for over 40 years. Our expert professionals have the training, experience, and equipment to provide effective termite treatments that will provide you with peace of mind. Protect your biggest investment, your family’s home, by trusting the best in the business for your termite control needs.

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