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They Hide Where? The Best Secrets About Pest Control

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atlanta secrets about pest controlThe thought of insects, mice, or other unwanted creatures taking up residence in your home probably gives you the urge to call a pest control company immediately. From the disease-carrying to the destructive, nobody wants creepy crawlies in their house. And, just because you can’t see them does not mean they are not there. Read below to discover the lesser-known hiding spots of the most common targets of pest control companies.


Ants that colonize inside the home typically choose locations under floorboards or inside walls. Some ant species pulverize the wood around them to build their nests, while other ants can use your home’s insulation for the same purpose.

Bed Bugs

These creatures prefer human blood over all others. They also like to feed at night, so they hide in, on, and around people’s beds. Nightstands, dust ruffles, wallpaper seams, picture frames, and even electrical outlets next to the bed are potential hiding spots for these nocturnal bloodsuckers.

Carpenter Bees

While carpenter bees almost never pay any attention to people, they can bore holes in the wooden parts of your home and cause major damage. Anything made of wood is fair game for carpenter bees: your eaves, woodpiles, solid wood furniture, sheds, and more.


Cockroaches like moisture, so they tend to hide in wet or humid places. This includes open drains and faucets. That’s right – don’t be surprised if you turn on your kitchen tap one day and a cockroach scurries out.


Fleas prefer our dogs and cats’ blood to ours, but they can hide under furniture while waiting for a new host animal to walk by. In fact, adult fleas can remain in their pupal cocoon for five months while they wait for an animal to come by. Then, they can emerge from the cocoon within moments and spring onto their new host.


Mice like to find secure, secluded nooks and crannies around your home. This often puts them inside your walls, where you most definitely cannot see them. You will probably hear them scurrying and scratching about before you see any visual clues.


Termites can be extremely hard to locate because of their housing preferences. The most likely spots to see termites are under mulch or around woodpiles. This is why it is so important to keep mulch and firewood away from your house.

All of the pests listed here are far better at hide-and-seek than humans. Often times you will spot droppings or hear noises before you see any insects or rodents in the house. When it comes to pest control, better safe than sorry. Don’t ignore your gut feeling – call a trusted pest control company right away. Let the professionals do a thorough inspection to determine what sorts of pests are in your home.

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