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Wildlife Control

The First Rule of Wildlife Removal: Never Give Them an Inch

rule of wildlife removal atlantaIt is possible to prevent the need for wildlife removal services. Eliminating clutter, sealing food in glass or plastic containers, and keeping the kitchen tidy are helpful for deterring pests from entering your home. However, to exclude rodents altogether, you need to seal all potential entry points around your home. Mice can squeeze through openings that are just one-quarter inch in diameter, so it can take a keen eye and a lot of patience to find all of the spaces that must be sealed. While you are searching for all those tiny cracks and spaces, just remember the first rule of wildlife removal: never give them an inch.

Two very obvious places to look for potential entry points are windows and doors. It can be especially tempting to keep windows and doors open during the warm summer months. The fresh air and warm breezes can make your home a cozy haven for your family. But if doors and window screens don’t form a tight seal around their frames, these can provide an easy way into your home for rodents. Seal these areas with steel wool or hardware cloth. And while you’re at it, check your screens for holes.

Other potential entry points can be difficult to see, so try this trick: wait until it’s dark outside, and turn off the lights inside. Have a helper shine a flashlight along the foundation, spaces where wires or pipes enter the home, seams where an addition meets the original structure, etc. While watching from inside the house, catching a glimpse of the flashlight outside likely means that you’ve found a potential entry point. It’s best to seal these openings with steel wool, hardware cloth, or concrete mortar.

Locating additional entry points can be extremely hard; in many cases, checking the roofline, attic, and basement for quarter-inch gaps is best left to wildlife removal experts. Experienced professionals can quickly deliver excellent results when it comes to wildlife removal and exclusion. The very best companies will also provide clean up services, removing nests and excrement from your home to eliminate possible threats to your home value and your family’s health.

For over 40 years, North Fulton Pest Solutions has provided reliable and timely wildlife removal services in the Atlanta area. We hold each of our highly-trained team members to strict standards of customer care and satisfaction. Whether your wildlife removal situation involves mice, rats, squirrels, or raccoons, our experienced and dedicated professionals have the ability to quickly and humanely rid your home of unwanted pests.

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