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Pest Control

Rough Mosquito Season Expected this Year

This year’s mosquito season could very well top the list with respect to both the numbers of these insects being reported as well as their size. Given that they are known for being carriers of the fatal disease West Nile virus, people everywhere should take proper precautions at all times when being outdoors. Experts are not exactly sure why swarm activity is at such a high rate, but many believe the cause is likely due to the mass amount of rainfall and humidity that has occurred in many states, especially those in the southeastern region of the country, namely Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. In fact, there have been confirmed reports coming out of FL of what are being called “monster mosquitoes.”

Gallinipers, as they are called, can reach sizes of up to 20x that of their smaller counterparts. This is obviously raising questions of concerns among residents, and researchers believe their presence and subsequent influx stems from climactic shifts. Interestingly enough, these mammoth mosquitoes were first spotted in 2012 during the aftermath of Debbie; the tropical storm ravaged the state of Florida in late June of that year. Mosquitoes thrive in precisely the environments created by these weather conditions, so it is no surprise that the insect’s population has skyrocketed. To avoid getting bit and prevent the possibility of contracting a nasty disease like that of West Nile, here are some tips worth remembering.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

  • Spray your property in addition to your body; many people think dousing themselves in insect repellant is the only tried and true solution. While these products certainly do work to keep mosquitoes at bay, it does not in effect keep them from wreaking havoc in the vicinity. These insects have been known to migrate miles during breeding season, and some swarms contain thousands of mosquitoes. To maximize your home defense, hiring a professional pest control firm to spray your yard and the perimeter of your house is a must.
  • Stay away from areas with standing water; ponds, lakes, puddles, and even backyard pools are all breeding grounds for these animals. Minimizing contact with these areas and keeping your pool clean and covered when not in use will reduce the risk of exposure.
  • Wear light-colored clothes that fit loosely; for whatever reason, mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors and they can easily puncture skin through tight-fitting apparel. Thus, you may want to think twice before you go jogging in black yoga pants or sports shorts.

There is no doubting the fact that 2013 is the year of the mosquitoes. However, practicing these simple tips will do much to keep you and your family protected.