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Six Ways to Deal With, and Then Prevent, Rodent Pest Control

atlanta rodent pest controlMost people know they need rodent pest control services when they spot mouse droppings, or they might find that boxes or bags of food have been chewed through. Many people are inclined to rush to the hardware store for mousetraps, but the only foolproof way to handle rodent pest control is to call in a professional. A reputable pest control company such as North Fulton Pest Solutions is the best, most thorough option for rodent pest control in the home.

Your work begins before your appointment with the pest control company. To prepare for the arrival of your rodent pest control service, follow these easy tips:

Tip #1: Clean Up the Evidence

Start by clearing items away from areas where you have spotted evidence of rodents. This often includes under the kitchen sink, pantry shelves, and maybe even on top of your refrigerator. These steps will make it easier for the pest control company to do their job.

Tip #2: Prevent Re-Entry

Seal any cracks or holes along the baseboards, and replace worn weather stripping around doors and windows. Ripped screens should also be repaired. This will prevent more rodents from entering the house. Remember, mice can wriggle through holes the diameter of a pencil!

Be ready to show the pest control technician the places where you have spotted evidence of rodents. He or she should start at those spots, but then do a thorough check of the rest of the home. If bait or traps are placed around your house, do not disturb those items or the surrounding areas during the treatment period. Take precautions to keep children and pets away from these areas as well.

After your rodent pest control experts have cleared your home of mice or rats, your efforts are not complete. There are many steps you can take to prevent a re-infestation, including:

  • Store all of your food in the refrigerator, or in glass or hard plastic containers. Rodents can easily chew through cardboard boxes and plastic bags, and accessing food sources will attract more critters back into your home.
  • Remove any unnecessary boxes, bags, or clutter from around the home to eliminate potential hiding or nesting spots. Rodents thrive where they can hide.
  • Choose a garbage can with a lid, and remove trash from the home often. Sitting garbage is an irresistible treat for rodents.
  • Keep floors and countertops clean and tidy. This will help you avoid accidentally inviting rodents into your kitchen.

North Fulton Pest Solutions knows that rodent pest control is a year-round problem in the southern regions of the country. Ridding your home of all sorts of pests is essential to the health, safety, and comfort of your entire family. If you think you have a rodent problem in your Atlanta area home, check out our wide range of rodent pest control services.