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Roach Control Service Isn’t an Urban Myth

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Roach Control ServiceGeorgia properties rely on roach control service to stay free from harmful, disgusting bugs. People in other parts of the country don’t understand why this is essential. It really is an issue of climate more than anything else. In the North, the long and cold winters provide a dormant season and help keep insect numbers down. In the hot and humid South, roach populations have exploded to the point where there’s always a colony looking to spread out.

Cockroaches Survive Nearly Everything

Even a nuclear war can’t wipe cockroaches out! It’s incredibly easy to accidentally cause them to expand their presence in your house. Just stomp on one of these nasty nuisances, and you’ll spread their eggs everywhere your shoes go. Starve them out? They can live up to a year without food. Turn down the heat? It’s rare for outdoor air to dip down to freezing, a temp most cockroaches handle with ease. They can even live for several days without their heads, spreading eggs and disease as they live out the remainder of their lives.

Is there any wonder the products available in retail stores are nowhere near effective enough to wipe them out? Unless you partner with a quality pest control company like North Fulton Pest Solutions, you’ll be battling these bugs forever.

Roach Control Service Requires a Two-Step Approach

Professional pest control providers have access to knowledge, tools, and applications the public never sees. Combined, they lead to quick solutions to the worst roach infestations. That doesn’t make the job easy. The most effective professional roach control plans involve more than one product and multiple application styles to overcome their fine-tuned survival tactics.

First, forget about off the shelf, DIY cockroach “bombs”. These products pose a very real risk to homeowners, their families, and their pets because the proper preparation of the area to be treated, the necessary personal protective equipment, and post application precautions are almost always overlooked or ignored by homeowners who lack experience with and knowledge of these types of products. At times, when severe infestations are present, a professional pest control company may recommend an ultra low volume or Actisol treatment. This treatment, which requires specialty equipment like an Actisol machine, is capable of greatly aiding in the initial “knock down” of cockroach populations, and is also a valuable tool in applying an insect growth regulator in to small crack and crevices that could not otherwise be accessed. However, this treatment requires proper preparation of the space to be treated, personal protective equipment for the technician making the application, and adherence to post application precautions, namely minding a re-entry interval of not less than 3 hours (perhaps longer depending on the products used) following the conclusion of the treatment.

The most effective methods for controlling an active infestation are baits and Insect Growth Receptors (IGRs), which inhibit the life cycle of insects. Available in many different formulations, these treatments can be strategically placed in your home by a professional trained in cockroach biology.

North Fulton Pest Solutions has a long-standing reputation in and around Alpharetta, Georgia, because of our ability to create lasting fixes to your roach problems. For instance, combining baits and IGRs will attack the problem from two separate angles. Bait products mimic food and are taken to the colony, taking out individual roaches in the process. The IGRs disrupt reproduction; so, while you’re colony dies off, it isn’t re-established by new members.

Our technicians will be able to locate and identify the type of cockroach in your home and create a winning strategy for treating your problem. Alternatively, if no roaches are found, we can provide you with effective prevention. Ignore the idea of roach control as a myth, and protect your health and your property today. Call North Fulton Pest Solutions at 770-475-7419 to set an appointment or request a FREE quote for cockroach control services.