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When the Dog Starts Scratching, It’s Time to Rid Your House of Fleas

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rid your house of fleasSo, it’s fall, and coincidentally you need to rid your house of fleas. Isn’t this the same problem you had last year around this time? Fleas are cyclical, like many bugs. So, the end of the summer is the perfect time for them to go into overdrive. Chances are they’re not just on your dog—or in your house. Your pet likely picked them up outdoors, and you won’t have a chance of getting rid of them if you don’t get to the root of the problem.

Follow these tips to rid your house of fleas for once and for all:

Treat your yard and house at the same time.

Your dog is going to be constantly moving from the house to the yard and back again. Curing your flea infestation in one area is the key to keeping the other bug-free. Both fronts need treatment simultaneously, or you’ll simply shift your focus from one to the other ad nauseum. Speak with a pest professional about liquid or topical treatments you can use on your property and the best type and schedule for your level of infestation.

Focus on killing adult fleas, eggs and larvae.

As with many pests, fleas can’t be killed off in one go. Because of their various development stages, bugs can be protected against pesticides targeting the wrong age group. Eggs, for instance, need treatment with a separate product from larvae or one for adult fleas. This is one reason “foggers” and other consumer products are so ineffective. Not only do they only work on a portion of the problem, but you’re left without the knowledge you need to do a thorough job.

Work with your dog’s vet to rid your house of fleas.

Just as you’re protecting the home and the yard at the same time, it’s important to treat your dog along with your property. Your vet can help you remove existing adults, eggs and larvae from your dog. The vet can also recommend long-lasting flea and tick prevention. These products often contain a few drops of product placed between the shoulder blades which solves flea problems for a limited time. However, dog owners may also buy flea-fighting pills you add to your dog’s food in topical applications, which may disagree with you or your pet.

Talk with a professional pest control company about ongoing yard prevention too.

Pet owners aren’t the only ones who have to worry about fleas. Visiting animals, birds and wildlife can bring fleas into your yard, and they won’t discriminate when it comes to eating. You can bring fleas inside just like a pet. So, work with a pest specialist for ongoing control in areas where fleas are a reoccurring problem. Georgia is infamous for its thriving pest populations. The Georgia climate is perfect for insects. The winters don’t always get cold enough to kill them off, so it’s up to you to protect yourself and rid your house of fleas. Thankfully, there’s help!

Click this link to schedule an appointment with North Fulton Pest Solutions to help rid your house of fleas. Visit online or call 770-475-7419 to find out more about the one-two punch capable of offering you and your pets lasting relief and rid your house of fleas.