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What Are the Top 3 Problems Seen by Residential Pest Control Companies in the Spring?

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Residential pest control companies get started with preventive treatments in early spring. However, they tend to get common calls all season from desperate homeowners who’ve ignored the risks. Unfortunately, this leaves problems to take root, and once established, Mother Nature often demands your full attention. Swarming, biting, and chewing insects can impact your health and your property value. Learn the dangers of early spring and how companies often deal with them:

1. Swarming Termites

Clouds of small black insects around your home may be mistaken for a random case of flies. However, if it is spring in Atlanta, that cloud poses a much larger threat. Swarming termites are future termite kings and queens that haven’t established their own colony yet, and while they don’t pose immediate danger, they are a definite sign of an existing problem, more specifically an overcrowded, mature termite colony. Seeing them could mean termites have already infested your home and are, at this very moment, chewing away at its wooden components! Upon seeing swarming termites, it’s imperative to contact an experienced pest control company. They have the tools, training and the knowledge to tackle termite infestations in the Atlanta area. This isn’t Chicago. This isn’t St. Louis. The heat and moisture here present distinct concerns that only a local termite technician familiar with the area can address quickly and effectively.

2. Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees look very similar to bumble bees, but you can tell the difference based on the shiny black patches found on their backs. They rarely sting; in fact, males cannot sting, but they do loudly buzz past people as a way of defending themselves. While personal injury isn’t typically a problem, damage to your property is. Carpenter bees, much like carpenter ants, burrow into wood. These holes, called galleries, are roughly a half inch wide and up to 12 inches deep. Once completed, females will lay their eggs in the holes and fill them with a mixture of pollen and sawdust, protecting the larvae inside. Thankfully, there are several ways to deter and treat a carpenter bee infestation before your yard is overrun with loud, fairly large insects capable of making your summers unbearable.

3. Mosquitos

In the South, the weather permits the hatching and propagation of these biting, infection spreading insects to last much longer during the year than the rest of the United States. That extends the discomfort and the risk for serious disease like West Nile Virus these tiny vampires present. It’s best to get on top of them early by contracting with a reliable pest control company to treat your property. An experienced business will have the right tools and materials to address both biting adult populations currently present and decrease future adult populations by targeting the immature mosquito larvae with an insect growth regulator. If you want to work with one of the best Atlanta residential pest control companies around, click this link or call 770-475-7419 to contact North Fulton Pest Solutions to get on top of termites and other common spring problems.