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The Two Biggest Ways Residential Pest Control Will Help You With Mosquitoes

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residential pest control atlantaA good residential pest control service can help with many kinds of household pests. Flies, termites, fleas, and spiders are sometimes destructive but always creepy. As nasty as those critters are, most people would probably agree that the most annoying pest in the spring and summertime is the mosquito.

Mosquito populations can make it difficult, if not impossible to enjoy time outdoors during the time of year when the weather is best for grilling, throwing around a baseball, or playing in the sprinkler. The two biggest ways that a residential pest control company can help you reduce the mosquito population in your backyard are effective prevention practices, followed by mosquito misting applications.


The first step in reducing mosquito populations is to avoid the hatching of mosquito larvae. Eliminate standing water around your backyard by emptying containers like birdbaths, jugs, spare tires, etc. Other wet areas that cannot be emptied, such as ponds or swamp areas, may be treated with a larvicide to prevent mosquito larvae from developing into mature, biting adult mosquitoes. Your residential pest control service will help you locate, and treat or empty other potential mosquito hatching areas. Also, make sure that your pool is properly maintained, and report abandoned pools in your area to the proper authorities so that they can be drained.

Mosquito Misting

The next step in reducing adult mosquito populations is to apply an adulticide misting application to your foliage and other harborage areas found in your yard. There are more “green” alternatives to traditional mosquito applications available, but your residential pest control company should always apply mosquito mists in an environmentally friendly fashion. These treatments should only be applied during the months when mosquitoes are most active – this saves you money, and keeps excess products from being applied when it’s unnecessary.

Here are several things you can do to create barriers between you and the mosquitoes before and between mosquito misting applications:

  • Add mosquito-repelling plants to your landscaping; try citronella, marigolds, basil, lavender, or catnip.
  • Wear mosquito repellent spray or lotion when you are outdoors.
  • Burn mosquito-repelling candles, coils, or torches around your patio.
  • Create an outdoor seating area that is enclosed with mosquito netting.
  • Make sure that your screens are intact to keep mosquitoes out of your house.

If you are ready to ensure the outdoor comfort of your friends and family this spring, call North Fulton Pest Solutions, your residential pest control experts. We can help you reduce the mosquito populations in your backyard but remember, if there are untreated yards, wetlands, or wooded areas nearby, you will probably still have some mosquitoes fly through your yard. Learn more about our mosquito control services by contacting North Fulton Pest Solutions today.