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Rat Removal Alpharetta

From historic homesteads to beautiful new construction, Alpharetta is home to rich history and endless beauty. But does anyone want to share their residence or place of business with unwanted guests? There is such a thing as “rodent season.” It usually begins when the cold starts settling in. If you are a homeowner, you might have unwanted house guests trying to settle in and keep warm under your roof. You can identify the presence of rats in your property if you look for the right signs. But what do you do after you come to the realization that they are, indeed, new housemates?

Based on the fall climate in Alpharetta, “rodent season” usually starts around September or October. Coincidentally, this is also when people tend to start spending more time indoors. The last thing they want to see is that they are not alone. That’s when they have to start searching for solutions. But how much of a problem are rats really? Call or text today at 770-475-7419 and let our professional experts help navigate the rat removal, rodent control, and wildlife exclusion process.

Why Are Rats A Problem?

Mosquito ControlRats, mice, and other vermin are depicted as relatively friendly creatures in cartoons. While they are depicted as friendly characters on the big screen, the damage they cause and health risks they pose should not to be taken lightly.

Warm weather typically coincides with the primary mating season for rodents. After spending some months in their yearly “summer of love,” rodents will look for places to harbor during the colder weather, and their numbers can be staggering! Rats and mice have anywhere from 4 to 8 litters per year and each litter can range from 5 to 12 young! That means one mature female can give way to 80 or more young in just one year! Considering mice and rats reach reproductive maturity after just 1 to 3 months, many of them will start contributing their own babies to a location they are not welcome in. Those numbers are alarming when added up!

Rodents also carry a myriad of diseases. Whether they take over your home or your workplace, it is very important to maintain a clean and healthy environment where you spend the majority of your time.

Aside from diseases, rats and mice also damage property. They can chew through wires (creating the potential for devastating electrical fires) and other building materials, make holes in walls, and leave feces and urine along their pathways. Due to their strong chompers, they can even gnaw at the foundation of a building or strong building materials such as wood. This can pose a risk to the physical integrity of your property and cause costly unforeseen expenses associated with repairs and clean up.

Rodents like rats and mice are also notorious for contaminating your food! Nobody enjoys seeing rats feast on the family pantry or the outside garbage. Something like this could even affect the price of your property, if you are thinking of selling or renting it out in the future.

About Our Rat Removal Services

How You Can HelpWe take our rodent control services very seriously. Our team members have studied the behavior of rats and know exactly how to considerably reduce the rat infestation in or around your property. Due to the resilient nature of these rodents, rat removal and control requires a holistic approach.

Our wildlife control experts will look for signs spanning from droppings and urine stains to runways and rodents themselves. After an initial inspection, our inspector will present a prescriptive plan to address your rodent control problem. This will likely include a combination of several different tactics including interior trapping, exterior baiting and population reduction through the use of rodenticides (strategically placed in tamper resistant rodent control devices outside along the foundation of your home), and exclusion (sealing entry points) measures.

The two most common types of rats found in Alpharetta are the roof rat, and the slightly larger Norway rat. Our trained professionals will devise a customized plan to address your specific rodent issues.

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The very thought of having rats setting up their home sweet home inside yours is discomforting. You have other matters to worry about, and this shouldn’t be one of them. Let North Fulton Pest Solutions worry about your rat issue. Call or text us today at 770-475-7419.

Get in touch with us now to schedule a free estimate to allow us to help get rid of rats in your property. We are trained professionals and have been protecting homes and businesses for over 50 years. Our experience is vast and our methods are effective.

You can reach us by phone, by shooting us a text, or by simply filling out the contact form on our website. We will gladly assess your situation and discuss the best way to help get rid of your problem. We truly appreciate the opportunity to be your partner in rat removal and rodent control!