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What’s Worse than a Bat in the Belfry? A Raccoon in the Attic! Here’s Some Info You Need Now

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raccoon in the atticAny type of pest problem is likely to give the average person the creeps, but a raccoon in the attic is adequate cause for a panic attack. They may look cute and cuddly, and you may never actually lay eyes on them inside your home, but a raccoon inside your home is really bad news. Keep reading to learn what you need to know right now if you have a raccoon in the attic.

First of all, raccoons are clever and tenacious. They can get inside your home through pretty small openings. And if they find an opening that’s just a little too small, they can make that hole bigger in order to squeeze through. They might tear shingles off your roof or chew away at the wood in order to access your home. In short, if they want in, and they think they can get in, they will find a way to make it happen.

Raccoons are extremely destructive. They will chew, claw, and shred just about anything they can reach. If you store anything in cardboard boxes in your attic, those boxes are fair game. Stacks of newspapers or magazines are also good nesting material.

Don’t be surprised if you find the wallpaper torn from the walls and shredded into bits. They will also use your home’s insulation for bedding. It may be pulled away from the walls and/or smashed down on the floor – either way, it reduces your home’s ability to retain warm air in the winter.

What’s the Worst Thing a Raccoon in the Attic Can Do?

Potentially the most horrible thing about having a raccoon in the attic is that your home not only becomes their nest, but also their toilet. They do have standards, though. They don’t like to go potty where they sleep, so they tend to pick one area of the attic to use as their restroom. Over time, their urine may soak through and create stains on the ceiling below. Sometimes, this is the first indication people have that they have a wildlife situation. By that time, extensive damage has usually been done to the house.

North Fulton Pest Solutions helps homeowners remove wildlife from their houses all the time. We perform thorough clean-up and exclusion services as well to preserve the home’s security, safety, and value. But many wildlife situations also involve damaged insulation and air ducts, as well as destroyed phone lines and cable cords. The best way to avoid this level of destruction is to call a pest control company at the very first sign of a wildlife problem.

If you think you have a raccoon in the attic, don’t delay. Contact North Fulton Pest Solutions for prompt and courteous service. Our wildlife removal technicians can often make same-day visits to assess your situation and provide you with a free estimate. Oftentimes, we can set up live traps that day and have your raccoons removed from the premises within 48 hours. Click here to check out more tips for how we handle raccoons in the attic.