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Wildlife Control

5 Ways To Choose The Right Professional Wildlife Control Company

professional wildlife control companyIf you own a home or commercial property, it’s just a matter of time before you need to call a professional wildlife control company. But how do you choose the best option?

The favored techniques, traps, and methods vary from one company to the next. Choosing the right professional wildlife control company for your needs and location is important because not only do you want to get rid of your problem, you also want to prevent future problems with wildlife.

Here are 5 ways to help you choose the best professional wildlife control company in the Atlanta area for your needs:

1. Ask: Does the professional wildlife control company have a broad range of services for various wildlife species, or do they only deal with one kind of wildlife pest?

Some companies only remove insects and mice, others only deal with bees. It is good to build a working relationship with your pest control company simply because re-occurrences are common with varying types of wildlife. You’ll want a professional wildlife control company that can handle multiple wildlife and pest problems.

2. Ask: What are your service credentials?

Do they employ licensed and certified wildlife control agents? You want a true professional with the proper education and experience to deal with your wildlife control problems. Just because someone can catch or kill wildlife doesn’t mean they are a “professional” or certified. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when calling.

3. Ask: Do you assist with follow up services such as attic damage, insulation replacement, and clean up services?

Wildlife intrusion can cause significant damage to your home or commercial building. Some professional wildlife control services are there for you before (in preventive services offered), during, and after your wildlife pest experiences. You’ll value having an ongoing relationship with a pro you can trust to help you when you need it.

4. Ask: What tactics and tools will be used?

Believe it or not, some professional wildlife control services have only one or two methods of control. You probably want to ask about the plan for getting rid of your wildlife visitors before you commit to a service call.

5. Ask: How big is your staff?

Some wildlife control “companies” are in actuality one or two person operators, which can lead to a long waiting period for help when you need it.

You could spend hours researching different wildlife control services in our area – or you can just call North Fulton Pest Solutions. With us, you’ll find the prompt, experienced, qualified, and professional help you need – no matter what pesky problem you’re facing.

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