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Why Professional Rat Removal Is a Tough Job

Many property owners – landlords, in particular – might scoff at the suggestion of purchasing a professional rat removal service. Then they attempt to solve the problem and realize just how difficult rodent removal can be. At the end of the day, you need your time and money to be spent in valuable ways, and few things are worth more than professional wildlife control. The job is much harder than it seems, even for those with training and experience.

Just look at the lovely experiences you can look forward to when you work in professional rat removal services:

Wild Rats Are Wily.

Did you know rats can fit through gaps the size of a quarter? Did you know they can lift obstacles weighing up to a pound? Or that they can swim up to a quarter of a mile? Yes, rats really can – and do – enter homes through the plumping. They can also chew straight through your siding to gain entry to your home.

It’s very difficult to contain these pests or keep them out of a structure they want to call home. Most homeowners who deal with rats aren’t prepared for the amount of prevention tactics they’ll need to avoid re-infestation, and nothing is more stressful than an unhappy customer who is adding to his or her own problems.

Wild Rats are Stealthy, Too.

Rats can be incredibly difficult to locate. Researchers attempting to study the habits of rats have used GPS tracking devices to note how they most often travel and hide. Guess how those studies turned out? They lost their subjects before they substantiated much of anything.

Professional rat removers are trained to see the telltale signs of rat activity, but in an instant, the intruding rodent can move to a completely different part of the house. It’s the reason why rat control requires addressing the problem from multiple vantage points, using the right combination of methods suited to your property and your rat problem. Remember, there’s rarely just one!

Wild Rats Reproduce at Astonishing Rates.

Many rodents begin reproducing early on, and rats are no exception. In fact, researchers found just one pair of rats can create a population of 6,000 in two years or less. Part of the problem is how early they begin reproducing. Babies are sexually mature after just five weeks. Females can deliver four litters a year, with an average of 10 to 12 pups per birth. In your home, they can quickly fill your walls, attic, or crawl space with burrows, each containing up to 16 rats, and all ready to fight if need be.

Wild Rats are Formidable Foes.

Rats can fall 50 feet and land safely on their feet. They can survive being flushed down the toilet. They’ll think nothing of chewing through a bag or net too, as too many horrified homeowners have discovered midway through DIY removal attempts, and they will aggressively protect their territories (A.K.A. your property) and their children if you get too close. Add to that their proficiency for carrying serious diseases and their nasty bites?

A rat’s bottom jaw is hinged, so if it needs to bite through something – say, for example, a gloved finger – their bottom jaw opens to make room for their top teeth to sink in as deeply as possible. This also has a locking effect, making it incredibly difficult to get an angry, wild rat off of you.

Rats are not a species to mess with unless you have the appropriate tools for the job. Trapping is one method for removing a rat, though there are several different types of traps and each should be used under the appropriate conditions. However, sealing entry points into the home by means of a wildlife exclusion keeps rats from gaining access to the structure from the start!

Pet Rat Owners Can Be Really Unreasonable.

Obviously, fancy rats – domesticated pets often available in a beautiful range of coats and colors – aren’t as likely to bite, carry disease or cause other types of damage. Some loving pet owners assume wild rats get a bad rap, and don’t understand rat removal services or the supposed horrors of the job. Make no mistake. Like feral cats, wild rats are not suitable pets, even when hand-raised from birth. They’re dangerous. All wild rats pose risks, but professional rat removers often have to deal with critics who are basing their opinions on the behaviors of a vastly different animal.

If there are rats invading your home, you don’t have to go at it alone. Schedule a visit with a professional rat removal service, and save yourself immeasurable time and worry. Call 770-475-7419 for professional rat removal today.